Ana Tijou, Billboard’s 3rd Best Spanish Artist.

Laura de Grado | Madrid – August 11, 2023

French-Chilean rapper Ana Tijou is in the top 3 of the list “The 50 Most Important Rappers in Spanish Yesterday and Today” published by the magazine Billboard Latin and Billboard Spanishand led by Puerto Ricans Residente and Vico C.

Together with Tijoux (1977, Lille), Spanish-speaking rappers entered the ranking, prepared as a tribute to the golden anniversary of hip-hop, which celebrates its 50th anniversary on August 11 since its birth in New York. Ivy Queen, Mala Rodriguez, Snow Tha Product, Villano Antillano, Gabylonia, Young Miko and Alika.

Winner of the Latin Grammy in 2014, Tijou was recognized by a cult music magazine for her. “an unmistakable velvety flow and its powerful rhymes”.

“After exiting the underground hip-hop scene of Santiago de Chile in the late 1990s—first with the group Makiza and then as a solo artist—Ana Tijou rose to international fame with her accomplishments as innovative as they were varied. ,” notes Billboard. .

Ana Tijou ‘broke barriers as a rapper’

With over two decades of work under her belt and acclaimed albums 1977 (2010), La Bala (2012) and Vengo (2014), the artist has been included in the Billboard Top Albums list and in the Best Albums of 2020 list. The most powerful women in the world BBC.

In addition, the magazine specifically notes that “Tijoux broke down barriers like a rapper in a predominantly masculine gender, when the female presence was rarer.

And it highlights his “bold political statements and social commentary” as well as his “irreverent spirit that only empowered and resonated with a global audience.”

His activity goes beyond the musical, Tijou has become symbol of the feminist movementspoke in favor free and free abortion and participated in the mobilization of the forerunners of constitutional reform in Chile to establish parity between women and men legislators.

Pioneers like Ivy Queen or Mala Rodriguez

While far from parity, the Spanish-language MC rankings include historical figures such as queen ivy (8), “the undeniable queen of reggaeton” and “a true luminary in the pantheon of Latin rap, worthy of the highest accolades”; Spanish Mala Rodriguez (12) or Uruguayan Alika (fifty).

The latter, “a pioneer in Uruguay, came to prominence in the mid-90s as a member of the Argentine rap group Actitud María Marta, which arrived with social conscience issues and feminist messages,” according to the magazine.

and other similar Snow this product (24) West Indian villain (25) Gabilonia (37) or young miko (49), “one of the first openly lesbian artists” in the Puerto Rico rap scene.

Already in February of this year, Billboard and Vibe published a list of rap artists in English, among which there were only six performers: Queen Latifah, MC Light, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj.

Resident number one

To rank the editors of Billboard Latin and billboard spanish took into account criteria such as “workforce/achievement (charting singles/albums, gold/platinum certifications), cultural impact/influence (how the artist’s work has contributed to the development of the genre), longevity (years in front of the microphone), letters (the ability to tell history) and flow (vocal skill).

After the evaluation process, Puerto Rican rapper and composer Rene Pérez Joglar, known as Residentwas chosen number one on the list for his “impressive trajectory of nearly two decades” and his “versatility and ability to use Spanish as an effective tool for change”.

The rating also recognizes the undisputed, such as Canserbero, Cartel de Santa, Akapellah or Pato Machete; and Spanish Bnet, C Tangana, Rels B, El Chojin, Young Beef, Nach or Arkano.

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