Ancelotti’s last request to Florentino Perez to forget Mbappe’s sit-in: ‘we need him’

Florentino Pérez and Carlo Ancelotti continue to work hand in hand to complete lineup planning. The departure of Karim Benzema has left a gap in attack that Kylian Mbappe has so far seemed to fill, but a new turn in his future saw him move further and further away from Real Madrid.

Right now Mbappe is close to signing a contract with Paris Saint-Germain., due to which Real Madrid began to refuse to sign him, although this will not happen until August 31, when everything is decided. Faced with this situation, Ancelotti continues to insist on the need to sign the “nine” guarantees.

The Italian has a favorite to replace Benzema and has already told Florentino Pérez to do everything possible to shut him out. As reported Protection Central, The Dušan Vlahović option seems to be the most attractive for Ancelotti to cover Mbappe’s new stance and increase the attack.

Florentino Perez and Ancelotti Real Madrid
Ancelotti and Florentino shake hands at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Ancelotti asked Florentino Perez to put the number “9” and, seeing this, Signing up seems more and more complicated He decided to bring Vlahovic’s name back off the agenda while he could arrive on loan.

In Real Madrid, they still do not take their eyes off Mbappe and do not want to do any financial follies for the Serbian. They are only considering landing him at the Santiago Bernabéu on option that also appeals to the player who has already made it clear that he wants to play in the white shirt.

We need you to complete the command“, were the words that Ancelotti would convey to Florentino Pérez. asking him to sign Vlahovic, who is currently the favorite to step up the attack if Mbappe’s signing fails, and who could play a major role in one of the summer’s surprises after months of speculation about his future.

Florentino Perez Real Madrid
Florentino receives a phone call on the outskirts of the Santiago Bernabeu.

Florentino Perez could have capitalized on Juventus’ bad moment

The Italian club is not going through the best moment today. Its economy is stagnating, and Vlahovic’s departure, even for rent, This could be the key to solving some of the club’s problems.

Florentino Perez could take advantage of this situation to close his entry, in addition to good relations between the two clubs, although everything will depend on what happens to Mbappe. It is possible that they could shut down the Serb’s signing at the last moment if Bondi’s man decides to extend or continue playing at the Parque de los Principes.

Florentino Perez Real Madrid
Florentino Perez in an official speech with Real Madrid

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