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The one who was the great captain of Real Madrid, a month after the transfer market closed, finds himself without a team.

In June, PSG officially announced the non-continuation of Sergio Ramos. Just like when another legend like Messi said goodbye to French football.

Sergio Ramos’ first year in Paris was marked by injury. In the second season, coach Galtier made a bet on him. But his level did not reach the extension of the contract for another year.

This summer, he trained individually so as not to lose physical tone while he was waiting for an offer.

The football that really interested him the most was Major League Soccer. While waiting for a call from Miami, after Messi, Busquets or Jordi Alba were recruited in that city, Beckham’s franchise team never took an interest in the Andalusian centre-back. And maybe if there is a possible offer from Los Angeles, in the team where Gareth Bale played.

Sergio Ramos tried his best to return to Sevilla, the club he left as a professional. But it was completely impossible. The Sevilla club was never interested in his return.

Attempts were later made to get Arab football to focus on defense, but no concrete proposals were made.

The only reality is that to this day, Sergio Ramos still doesn’t have a club to play for and time is short. Now there is a real offer from the Turkish side Galatasaray with a two-year contract and a salary of 4.5 million euros.

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