Andrea Valdiri turns on the networks with her new facial “tweaks”

andrea valdiri

Andrea Valdiri explained that He loses “a lot of weight and a chubby guy arrives who does not want to take off with anything”, for which he chose to perform this pair of interventions that seek to eliminate adipose tissue from the mandibular area and tighten the skin in the area using laser. Meanwhile, the doctor explains that what they will do is “Paste that little skin so that it has its profiled face again, as always”.

The woman from Barranquilla also comments that during her daughter Adhara’s pregnancy she gained considerable weight, reaching around “90-odd” kilos. Andrea Valdiri assures that after the birth of the baby in June 2021, she lost speed quickly, but she noticed a “ridge” of fat on her neck, which she attributes to a genetic inheritance from her mother.

“For the photos it can be seen. You know that I work on this and You could see a chubby guy in all the videos… I live from the image, so you have to take care of it”he claimed.

The recently operated woman clarifies that by sharing her experience It is not “inciting everyone to have surgery and change their lives”but they are things that she does to herself, and if she can publish them and she doesn’t feel sorry for her, then she will continue to do so, expressing that she considers herself “one of the few that show the things that are done on the body.”

In addition, she was emphatic that the procedures that are carried out are always of quality and with trained personnel, making “Let it be seen that you did something to yourself, but don’t change your face”.

On previous occasions, the entrepreneur and mother of two daughters had already undergone surgical “touch-ups”, among which were breast augmentation, buttock and thigh reduction, and abdomen touch-ups, among others. In 2021, she caused controversy on the internet for trying to sell tickets for a broadcast event for cosmetic procedures that would take place after her pregnancy, however, the initiative was canceled because a health entity prohibited the disclosure of the material.

On what she considers her new “spectacular Greek profile”, netizens have expressed divided opinions. Some consider that her results resemble Angelina Jolie and that she did not lose her naturalness, others argue that at her age she does not need these rejuvenations and that, although she turned out well, her results add to her years.

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