Angelina Jolie doesn’t like exercises with weights or cardio: the actress’s private trainer reveals how she exercises the whole body with a dynamic routine in a single session | People | Entertainment

Angelina Jolie is not only a great Hollywood actress who promotes gender equality and looks for ways to help women affected by different conflicts. Brad Pitt’s ex-wife also attracts attention with her physique and strength that she transmits with her slim silhouette.

Despite not having a great musculature, it is known that the 47-year-old actress has her own methods to stay healthy and fit.

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Daily yoga sessions and Kickboxing practice at least three times a week are added to his rhythm of life, as mentioned by Mui Fitness. Even the site specialized in sports training and the practice of celebrities cites the Angelina Jolie personal trainer who revealed another dynamic routine of the actress.

Was Gunnar Peterson the one in charge of publicizing this secret of the Hollywood star. It’s all about the method circuit training with which you exercise your entire body in one session.

How is the circuit training practiced by Angelina Jolie

To the protagonist of “Maleficent” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” does not like exercises with weights or cardio, the outlet reports. However, she has incorporated into her sports training the circuit training.

According to Peterson’s explanation, this method consists of performing a circuit with various exercises to work all the muscle groups of the body.

These training sessions are shorter, so they may feel like it’s easy to follow, but they are higher in intensity. It can be adapted according to the physical condition of each person.

The variety of the routine makes this method something dynamic, intense and motivational. The practice is divided into three phases that cover each group of muscles, thus allowing the entire body to be toned in a single session. Each phase includes between 8 and 12 exercises maximum that are performed in series of between 10 and 15 repetitions each.

The training includes machines, weights or any material that serves as resistance, in addition to the body weight itself, adds the medium.

Benefits of practicing circuit training

The practice of circuit training helps to Angelina Jolie and whoever practices it to improve their cardiorespiratory capacity, intra and intermuscular coordination, increases muscle mass, accelerates metabolism, reduces the percentage of fat and the results are appreciated in less time.

In addition to this, the actress practices other sports such as boxing, fencing and handling weapons, something that helps her a lot when she has to play action roles. (AND)

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