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Catalogs were made about what people are, from characters from Theophrastus (319 BC) to psychological types Carl Gustav Jung (1921). With not very good results.

Describing people is difficult, and, strictly speaking, impossible. Each person is unique, infinite and changeable. This cannot be corrected in the description. You can specify: you, the one who walks, the specialist who signs the certificate. But it is one thing to point out who he is, and another thing to describe what he is.

Folk tradition uses animal analogies (in nicknames, sayings, proverbs, and stories) to emphasize certain traits that distinguish, characterize, or caricature humans. Mexican Spanish has at least this hundred analogies.

EAGLE Ready, who sees from afar. “To be an eagle for something”: to be understood in it. “Put on the eagle”: be on the lookout. “Aguilucho”: cadet (Heroic Military School). “Sit down, eagle”: squat.

AXOLOTL “If you shake the water, any axolotl is a catfish.”

SCORPION “Drop Scorpion”: Welcome, without realizing it, bad person.

lark “The Lark of Papaloapana”: Josefa Murillo, poet.

SQUIRREL “Esquirol” (squirrel in Catalan): a person who takes the position of an attacker.

WHALE “The whale goes with everything, nothing fills him.”

BASILISK “They Made Me a Basilisk”: Enraged.

SHEEP a person who follows blindly Fake news is accepted by many. “Borregada”: A mob acting like a herd.

BULL Silly. “Whoever tastes like an ox, he licks the koyundu.” “With these oxen you must plow.” “The old bull has no shortage of ticks (illness).” “Pick them up, bull!”: Don’t trip! “Hey bull”: Hey you. “That bull”: That guy.

DONKEY Inept, ignorant “Donkey in front”: a person who mentions or draws attention to himself before others. “Donkey meat is opaque”: A person who makes it difficult to see. “Give the donkey back to the wheat”: a man who repeats himself. “If I say the donkey is brown, it’s because I have hair in my hand.” “Big donkey, even if he doesn’t walk.” “Donkeys prefer straw to gold.”

HORSE “You don’t look at the fangs of a gift horse.” “Penko (skinny horse)”: worthless person. Zopenko: Gross.

bastard That he likes to annoy, a sadist. “Bastard, Bastard and a Half!”: Being a sadist with a sadist.


SHRIMP “The shrimp that falls asleep carries the current.”

DOG “Small”: A bad person.

CANARY “Give a canary bird food and you’ll see it sing.” “He who is born a sparrow will never become a canary.”

CRAB This is how Guillermo Prieto called the conservatives: “Crabs on the beat, one step forward, two steps back.” “He kept thinking about the eternity of the crab”: nothing.

PIG man playing dirty

JACKAL Bloodthirsty man.

CHACHALAKA Chatterbox. – Shut up, chachalaka.

MONKEY “Put on the monkey”: be on the lookout. “Each monkey to his own rope”: to each his own. “Changazo”: a spectacular fall. “Give a task”: die.

CHAPULIN A politician who jumps from one position to another.

ERROR A person who irritates over trifles. “To get rid of bedbugs, you need to burn the petat.”

Chiva Shy person. “Chivaton”: Scary. “Chivearse”: to be afraid.

GOAT Goat in a glass bowl: A clumsy person who cannot act without destroying. “Do tamales like a goat”: being unfaithful to your partner. “The goat jumped, the goat paid.”

STORK “She is waiting for a stork”: pregnant.

SWAN “That was his swan song”: great performance before retiring.

NASTY Untidy person (body, house, table, work, public toilet). “Stove”: Administrative disorder.

CROCODILE “Crocodile Tears”: fake.

parrot “Chatting”: idle talk.

COYOTE Manager of private interests in public institutions.

DOLPHIN Marked as a possible successor.

DINOSAUR A politician who started his career at a different time.

SEA URCHIN Unfriendly person.

SEAL “Muzzle of a seal”: Damaso Perez Prado, musician.

gazelles The women, dressed as civilians but trained for military escort, pretended that a politician could walk among the people without protection.

ROOSTER “Be very cocky”: bold. “This is my rooster”, glorifying the one who can face something. “He ate a rooster”: He is looking for a lawsuit. “Galito”: Hooligan.

GOOSE “Tired, goose”: Of course, I can and will!

CAT servant, errand boy “Defend yourself like a cat facing up.” “All cats are gray at night.” “Collect the cat”: Seem more without being. “Give yourself a cat’s hand”: a superficial fix.

HAWK “Where there are a lot of hawks, you need to lock up the chicks.”

CRICKET Intriguing. Grid Walk: Dedicate yourself to intrigue. “Fry someone”: hurt him with intrigues. Pot of Crickets: A busy and confusing place for slackers, gossipers or schemers.

TAP “Shooting Crane”: An experienced person.

WORM vile person

HAWK A young plainclothes watchman notifies the police or criminals of the arrival of suspicious people.

HYENA An exploited and cruel person.

ANT “Little Ant”: A very hardworking person.

GOLDFINCH The journalist was paid to praise the politician.

LIZARD “Sunburn like a lizard.” “The February sun pulls the lizards out of their burrow.” “Lizard”: Insidious.

A LION “Roam like a caged lion.” Leo thinks everyone is like him.

HARE “Where you least expect, a hare will jump.”

WOLF “He who walks with wolves is taught to howl.” “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

PARROT “The old parrot doesn’t learn to talk.”

RACCOON Electoral fraud specialist.

BUTTERFLY “To something else, butterfly.”

PIG “The best acorn for the worst pig.”

BLACKBIRD “Faithful and sincere friend, whitebird.”

BUN Anyone (derogatory). “Es mona”: pretty, pretty. “Sleep off”: after you get drunk.

FLY “A fly or a dead mosquito”: a person who pretends to be harmless in order to take advantage. “Just in case”: Just in case. “Echar mosca”: To ridicule. “Flyweight boxer”.

MULE “Don’t be a mule”: mischievous, taken advantage of. “Drug Mule”: A person who hides drugs in his body to transport them.

BEAR “Making a bear”: ridicule. “Sleep like a bear.”

SHEEP “The black sheep of the family.”

BIRD “The bird has flown away”: flew away. “Bird of ill omen”: a person who portends evil. “Give and give, little bird.” “rare avis”: A very special person.

PIGEON “Be meek as doves and cunning as snakes.”

PARROT A person who repeats what he does not understand.

DUCK “Duck”: misunderstood. “Into the water, ducks!”: Swim! “Pay the Duck”: A person who accuses another of guilt.

peacock conceited man “Chubby, chubby. And bottomless ass.”

parrot “He set the parrot as God”: obviously offended. “Each parrot to his own ring”: Each to his own.

DOG “A barking dog does not bite.” “Another dog with this bone.” “Leave neither parrot nor dog”: about mediocrity. “The dog dances with money.” “The dog is dead, rabies is gone.” “A skinny dog ​​gets fleas.”

FISH “The fish in the mouth is dying”: A person who talks more than is comfortable for him. “Like a fish in water.” “The big fish eat the little ones.”

VSH El Piojo: Miguel Herrera, former football player and coach. “Calm down, lice, the night is long.” “Hunger than a louse on a teddy bear.”

CHICKEN Young inexperienced. “El Pollo”, a popular nickname. “If the rooster dies, the hen will come close to any hen.”

FILI Young woman.

PIG Rude, impolite, spoiled man. “Pig”: A constantly humiliated person.

fleas “As soon as it is born, the flea jumps and bites.” “We rowed well,” the flea says when the fisherman comes ashore. “A flea does not kill, but bleeds.”

OCTOPUS Trucker Octopus: Monopoly operator of private freight transport.

FROG “He took the frog”: he fell spectacularly, stumbling. “The frog sings, but it has no feathers, no hair, no wool.”

RAT “Two-legged rat”: Thief. “Ratero”: Thief. “Sacristy rat”: a person who does not leave the church. “Bookworm”: A person who is always learning. “Better the head of a mouse than the tail of a lion.” “Ratonero”: Small person or small thing. Macias Mouse: Raul Macias Guevara, boxer.

REMORA (fish) A parasitic person who interferes or ballasts.

MIXER Nightingale of Mexico: Angela Peralta, singer.

GRASSHOPPER “Calming Mountains, Grasshoppers”: Relax before jumping to conclusions or acting.

TOAD “frog eyes”: bulging.

Owl Police. “When the owl sings, the Indian dies.” “The owl said to the sparrow: you are very stubborn.”

opossum “To have more tricks than a possum.”

MOLE Embedded person to report.

DRODIC “The law of the thrush: skinny legs and a fat ass.”

BULL “Take the bull by the horns”: do not shy away from the problem. “Echar toritos”: verified. “For the bulls of El-Jaral, horses from the same place”: For local problems, local experts.

TURTLE slow man Tortuguismo: bureaucratic slowness.

TROUT Ready and awake person.

COW “To be abandoned by a cow”: lazy, useless. “He who steals a cow is as sinful as the one who kicks it.” “They still don’t have a cow, and they’re already fighting over milk.” “There are a lot of cows: they milk well and feed poorly.” “The cow looks where the calf is.”

DEER Venadear: Shooting at a person from an ambush, from afar.

SNAKE Poisonous human tongue (serpentine). “Viborear”: To criticize on the sly. “Kill the Snake Friday”: Get lucky if you achieve something difficult.

HORSE “A woman, tall and thin; and a red mare.

BUZZARD A man who enjoys tragedy.

FOX a cunning person A thief who specializes in breaking glass. “When the fox is preaching, the chickens are not sure.” “El Zorro”: A fictional vigilante character.

DRODIC Criole Thrush: Carlos Gardel. ~

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