Anitta and Emily Ratajkowski break the net, “dogging” together | VIDEO

What a stir they caused Anitta and Emily Ratajkowski!, and this is what last weekend they filmed one of the most viral moments on social media by sharing new video in which they started “parrying” together on camera and their fans claimed that this collaboration was that they didn’t know what they needed to see.

Through her official TikTok account, the model Emily Ratajkowski shared video who quickly amassed thousands of prints due to how iconic the encounter between the two celebrities was, but in addition to seeing them together, the hype was caused by the fact that the singer gave her some dance lessons so she could move her hips like a professional dancer. It should be remembered that the Brazilian knows a lot about dancing and even the Anitta Challenge has become a trend to imitate her movements from the floor.

He showed that his talent is modeling. (Photo: Special)

It was a meeting of the famous

In her publication, the model and mother of her son said that he asked the singer to teach him to “move” To imitate his steps, and on request, the Envolver’s interpreter taught him the positions he must maintain in order to move his hips and the “bounce” in his buttocks, which is important when it comes to this type. urban dance. however, the lessons, which also include back and knee positions, were not the best.

And it’s that while the Brazilian owes it all to a modern total black look with leather trousers and a high-waisted bodysuit that showed her hips, Emily Ratajkowski didn’t seem to fully understand the directions. and their twerk was upset while both laughed at the unique moment they filmed. For her part, the model stayed true to her style, wearing jeans and a sleeveless top for a more comfortable look.

(Photo: Screenshot)

After seeing them together, fans of both filled the comment section with different opinions: “A duet I didn’t know I needed”, “I love you Emily, I live for you”, “I love the way Anitta dances”, “I dancing Emily”, “I need you to teach me”, “Beautiful”, “I love you”, she laughs at herself” and “Gives everything” are some of the messages left by her followers.

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