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With an alternative image, she could well pass for a girl who loves the purest rock, however, her bet goes to other airs, with a marked influence on rhythms that are attracting youth, that’s what she brings, even a little of cumbia to dance.

Annasofía is pure music, she is a singer, composer and producer, graduated from the Department of Music of the Universidad de los Andes, until she came convinced that her life was governed by sounds and letters, having to her credit learning instruments through early age.

At the age of 7 she began to play drums, and the influence of her mother, Alexandra Fatat, who is a follower of Queen and Alice Cooper’s rock, led her to lean towards percussion and not precisely the piano, as at the time she was hinted However, at the age of 9 she appeared on the guitar, because composition was another strength that she required from the strings to find her harmony.

In a chronological account, this woman from Cali warns that as she entered adolescence she understood that her life project was there and after attending a Katy Perry concert, without being her fan, she confirmed that in addition to her passion, her work could be on stage , and that has just happened since then, which is why he decided to give it academic management.

The identity process

In his professional evolution he has followed a strict order. The times have been used in the best way and between one song and another, the search for his musical identity has been his most immediate process, so now he gives the starting shot with a very special song, it is about “Cuando será ”, which to the rhythm of cumbia, tries to vindicate its own sounds. (Read here: Juan Pablo Vega invites Ximena Sariñana to speak and sing)

This job has given her the opportunity to meet those who can give continuity to what she wants to present and currently, along with some producers who support her, are betting on something different.

Annasofía Jaramillo is 22 years old and most of her life has been spent in Tuluá Valle del Cauca, from where she dedicated herself to creating songs and maturing the life project that she sees crystallize today due to her perseverance, which is why she is already announcing more releases.

Previously, he had had the opportunity to show himself alongside the youth star Alejandro Santamaría, with whom he recorded “Tus ojos”, a song that, in his opinion, connected a lot with people because it touches chords, which is why he felt the need to find a balance with the lyrics that you like together with the musicality that the public expects.

Aware of the generational change that is producing many talents every day, he sees it as normal that doubt and the inevitable questioning about what is going to happen at some point appears, but in the same way he considers time as the only one that allows the development of everything that he loves himself, and that is why he has been much more faithful to his feelings and to the story he has to tell.

Varied tastes and influences

Annasofía premiered in the midst of a pandemic, her first presentations were virtual, but she took that as one of her best experiences, she needed to finish her university commitment and start the project with the responsibility it requires.

Regarding what will identify her, she is clear in stating, “I love rock, also jazz, funk, R&B, salsa and also cumbia, obviously I’m not going to go out with all that, but I’m not going to I can pigeonhole, however, I think I can surprise with something different and I manage an urban sound that is in what I do”.

When asked about the public to which his proposal is directed, he does not hesitate to add, “I believe that music reaches who it has to reach, if I think about the public I want to impact, I may not get the expected result. I have been surprised to see young children attached to my proposal, it is an honor for me, it is too exciting, but I also feel that I connect with the youth who are looking for the love of their lives and are in my vein ”.

The caleña has many facets in music. He sees all that he can do with positivity, but he also considers it counterproductive, so he has learned to work as a team, because it is important for him to have someone by his side to refresh him and with the producers that accompany him he has achieved a good synergy, reaching tackle daily stories that are later translated into songs.

He loves composing for other people, because he writes without feelings involved, something that does not happen with his material, where he precedes a more personal process and therefore takes time, but he affirms that he enjoys them both.

Annasofía perfectly plays the drums, guitar and piano, her creative process is generally accompanied by the strings and when she works with others, she doesn’t have a written rule, she can start with the story and the music starts from there. In one of those sessions she explored and came out with a reggaeton with a bambuco influence that she liked a lot.

The immediate dreams of this artist are projected for one of her songs to “stick”, that is what all those who start want and work, she knows that from there the attention she requires from the industry will come, but personally she wants to bet on it to your album.

For now, “Cuando será” sounds, he has called it the hymn of singleness, not as a flag that indicates total happiness, it is a manifesto about that desire because the love that life has prepared for each one arrives. Annasofía is happy and her comments on that song have been the best, which leads her to affirm that “everyone’s new favorite songs are on the way.”

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