Anne Hathaway and autumn accessories and Bulgari.

Anne Hathaway presents us Bulgari autumn handbags, a collection that surprises with brightness and color.

We are the children of what we read and what we see and the imprint it all leaves on us, so for me Anne Hathaway will always be that successful and disastrous secretary who at the same time reached the pinnacle of her own (chosen by the devil in a dress from Prada) and that while upstairs she elegantly rolled up her sleeve and left with a fresh breeze looking for more satisfying activities than serving the devil in Prada… Yes, yes, she did other memorable things like her participation in the movie musical Les Miserables, but for me and I think that for many, it will always be the girl who didn’t want to be the devil who wears Prada, although now she is presented to us as a beauty complemented by Bulgari.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Anne Hathaway headline a Bulgari campaign, we’ve seen her put her face to the glamor of her jewelery this year, now it’s the turn of fall accessories, among which handbags stand out in particular, bags that don’t just succumb to black or serpentine finishes, but also shine with silver, green or fuchsia.


Design: Bulgarian
Bell: Fall 2023 accessories collection
Photography: chris colls
Stylization: Erin Walsh
Model: Anne Hathaway

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