Anne Hathaway uses transparent acrylic nails that rejuvenate hands at 30

Anne Hathaway is undoubtedly one of the celebs with the best style and the beautiful actress usually shows off outfits that highlight her curves without losing elegance. She recently modeled clear acrylic nails; a trend that will dominate street style in 2023.

When we thought that striking manicures would conquer the hands of our fashion gurus, the star of ‘The Devil Wears Fashion’ reminds us that the minimalist vibe will never go out of style, so dare to recreate this alternative that will add a lot of sophistication to your image.

Anne Hathaway models almond nails that will be in fashion this spring

Through her manicurist’s social networks, the famous woman wore transparent, long, round-tipped nails. All do’s to instantly lengthen your hands. Do not forget that this style is the easiest way to stylize this part of the body without taking center stage from your outfits.

Anne Hathaway models almond nails that will be in style this spring. Photo: I.G.

Ways to Wear Clear Nails in 2023

manicure with flowers

On a natural base, she draws some small flowers with white petals, a very feminine design that combines with the clothes of this time of year.

Ways to wear clear nails in 2023. Photo: IG

Long and natural nails

Give your style a relaxed vibe with this nude nail polish, the almond cut is the key to making your hands look slim, fine and clean.

Long and natural nails. Photo: I.G.

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