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she is delighted, surprise princess, Brokeback Mountain, The Miserables, Serenity, The Dark Knight Rises, Always the same day, Ocean’s 8… We all have a movie where we fell in love with Anne Hathawayhowever, we must admit that his role as andy sachs in The Devil Wears Prada it is the one that has the most space in the collective cultural imagination. Because of her tremendous performance, because of the interpretative duel with Meryl Streep, but above all, because although she already had some movies to her credit, it was this film that placed her among the most solid references in the industry in the last almost two decades.

Of course, of the looks from Andy to Anne’s there is a big step. First of all, because during the first decade of the 2000s, actresses literally went to the red carpet in jeans. But if the looks by Anne Hathaway with Law Roach – the stylist behind all of Zendaya’s great looks and Celine Dion’s transformation – were fashion, the looks of Anne with her new stylist Erin Walsh besides fashion, they are pure fantasy. Come on, if Erin herself says so: ‘we live in crazy times. Fashion should be inspiring, joyful and expansive. That’s why (Anne and I) like to play on this ground, to push and bring a bit of beauty to this world. People look up to the stars, so why not add a little to that? Bring a little light and love through the clothes. And we all love what’s happening with Anne’s style.

Here is a review of the best looks that Anne Hathaway has worn:

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