Announce a health day for the elderly

Counseling is for adults over 60 with limited resources or in a situation of vulnerability who need care and will be free.

Jalisco Medical Association (AMJ) announced X Day of Health for the Elderly will take place next Saturday at the facilities of the association.

During the conference, specialized medical consultations will be provided, timely detection of certain diseases, such as hypertension and diabetesand subsequent referral to health services if necessary.

Requests are sent Adults over 60 with limited resources or in a vulnerable position who need care and will not pay for it.

AMJ emphasized that several colleges, societies and other associations They supported by donating wheelchairs, walking sticks, ophthalmic glasses, even free radiological examinations to the benefit of assistants.

Seniors wishing to attend the conference must come on an empty stomach, as they will be tested for various markers in their blood and urine to determine their general health.

AMJ is looking forward to participating 200 to 300 elderly people receive consultations in such specialties as geriatrics, gerontology, internal medicine, orthopedics, rehabilitation, cardiology, nutrition, psychology, etc., with more than 30 specialists who can help with advice.

There will also be consultations on arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cataracts and other eye diseases, in addition to dental examinations.

from 8:00 am. on Saturday and until the last person has left, medical care will be provided at the AMJ offices located at 910 Sierra Nevada street.


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