Another macho tantrum from Trump

While the civilized part of the nation mourned the elimination of the US women’s championship women’s soccer team from the 2023 World Cup, Donald Trump showed his incorrigible masculinity by rejoicing in defeat and attacking team captain Megan Rapinoe for not converting a penalty.

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Like all good vultures, corpulent Trump, whose bursitis on his legs served as an excuse to avoid military service in Vietnam but would have prevented him from playing football, now calls himself a football expert to show the captain of the team of multiple champions how to throw the ball. fine.

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“Nice shot Megan,” he tweeted, claiming to have missed one of the game’s penalties. And, true to his habit of playing out grotesque scenarios to proclaim himself as the country’s savior, he is using defeat to attack President Biden.

By now we all know that logic is not his forte. And that he does not care that his arguments are insane. His obsession is to smear those he considers enemies.

A strong woman like Rapino threatens his masculinity, which is why Trump and his supporters are called “macho pigs.”

The failure of the selection, he says in his delirium, was “symbolic of what is happening to him under the leadership of Joe Biden in our once great country.”

Trump’s tantrum has its origins in the snubs Rapino and the rest of the team gave him in 2019, when Rapino said before the World Cup that she would not go to the White House to have Trump congratulate her if they won. World Championship of that year in France. And Rapino was not alone. Many of the team’s top players supported him, and when they won, the team made good on their promise not to run for the White House while Trump was president.

Otpor expelled the madman and his followers from the lodges, who branded her a traitor to the country and immediately began to insult her. His stupidity? Rapino is a lesbian who openly fights for LGBTQ rights; also supports the Black Lives Matter movement; she was the first white female athlete to kneel during the national anthem in solidarity with football player Colin Kaepernick, and was also one of the leading figures in the successful fight for equal pay with the men’s national team. (More than a fair fight, given that the record of the women’s team is incomparably better than that of the men’s team in world competitions).

In short, Rapino is a set of ideals that go against the worldview of Trump and his supporters, who keep thinking, as the old Spanish saying goes, that “a woman who knows Latin has neither a husband nor a good end.”

We must not forget that the vast majority of Trump’s base is made up of white people without a university education and, as Barack Obama rightly said in a moment of great sincerity, “they are threatened to cling to their weapons, or religion, or antipathy.” for people who are not like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-free trade sentiment, all as a way to explain their frustration.”

A strong woman like Rapino threatens his masculinity, which is why Trump and his supporters are called “macho pigs.” This term is not new, it first appeared after the Second World War, when more women took up paid work. This compromised the self-esteem of many men due to their dominance over women in the family, the economy and society in general.

And because Trump’s macho pigs think women should stay in the kitchen or in bed, a woman like Rapino is unbearable to them because she breaks all their schemes.


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