anthropology of fashion and other applied arts

Man is a celestial being, full of needs, both important and superfluous; desires and intentions, which are often closely related to their sociocultural environment. fashion, jewelry, art, the culture and art of the table, in short, the way of life represents and accompanies us, changes and makes us change; That arts and crafts and other essentials the branches are full of symbolic meaning and representativeness. Here are some capsules for your use and enjoyment.

Princess Leonor: she doesn’t need anything

With this taut and spontaneous hairstyle that emphasizes a well-lengthened head and frames pure and sincere eyes, princess eleanor posed more beautifully than ever as she entered Military Academy of Zaragoza. It became clear that no tricks were needed here, rather the opposite. In photos with a group of her colleagues, we could see that she is prettier without the pink lipstick and bright blush she wore on other occasions.

There will come a time when Uncle Paco comes with sales and he will have to pull out a jar of cosmetics. In addition, thanks to its powerful and long legs, camouflage jumpsuit he was going to the cinema; strengthened his best assets, his height and her beautiful skin. Maneuvering attire is far more preferable than the very long or very short outfits we’ve been wearing at events in recent years.

military boots They fit her better than some of the women’s shoes she wore a few months ago. Sober, natural, likeable, great guy and loved. So it was revealed to us in Academy of Zaragozalike Venus Botticelli, dressed in a uniform. He has a lot of frills and tricks. Great, Leonor doesn’t need anything to look like a goddess.

Princess Leonor in class at the Military Academy of Zaragoza.GTRES

Valentine for sale?

He Qatari band Mayhoola sold 30% of its share in the brand Kering Group, owner of Gucci among other leading fashion companies. The deal, which appears to be part of a long-term project between the two groups, will allow Kering to fully take over Valentino by 2028. Mayhula and Kering will be exploring other business opportunities, which may seem like an interesting start.

update in Prada. After two decades in charge of managing and building collections in Prada And MiuMiu, Fabio Zambernardi seems tired of not having a position that Miuccia P.. gave Raf Simmons, a 55-year-old Belgian who now designs for Prada. But it is possible that with the advent of a new CEO Andrea Guerrain order to prepare for the change of generations, he was instructed to update the composition and ensure greater continuity of the teams. Zambernardi He worked in this house for almost 40 years, his entire professional life, and he was responsible for the ugly/beautiful style of the house. ready to wear from a Milanese home.

New York designer organizes his own fashion show back to the podium American after four years without participation. On September 8, he will please his believers with an event, the place of which is still unknown.

Covid-19 has forced big brands to spend some space and time responding. Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Prabal Gurung also confirmed their presence at the rather commercial New York Fashion Week.

One of Valentino’s designs.

Roger Federer, designer?

Federer gave him kick in nike after the offer Uniqlo collaborate on your collections. 300 million euros were the reason for the transfer of the Swiss to the Japanese Zara, where he will cooperate with Jonathan AndersonHe creative director Loewe. The new basic collections of the brand are characterized by a simple classic style, monochrome clothes and muted colors. Sport fit Uniqlo will bear the imprint of style Roger Federer. Or rather, perhaps because the tennis player has the style of a Japanese brand, they decided to hire him. Uniqlo He has already dressed Novak Djokovic in his time when he was number one and before the Serbian moved to Lacoste. Available in stores and online since August 28 last year.

Federer to leave Nike to collaborate with Japan’s Zara and Uniqlo

Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia and Queen of Fashion.

The Russian monarch was not called Catherine and he was not born there. His real name was Sofia, daughter of a petty German prince. But the succession of the Russian Crown after death Peter I the Great became a problem since his daughter, the Empress Elizabeth I, had no descendants; Isabelle decided to adopt her young and wayward nephew Pedro, grandson of Pedro I.

Thinking about marrying Pedro Sophia of Anhalt-Zerbst, a fourteen-year-old girl of little political importance in the West. Having married Pedro and converted to Orthodoxy, she showed herself to be a cheerful, close, hardworking and natural young woman, a person who cares about Russia and Russians. Her culture and bravery made people appreciate her more than her husband. Peter II He was a simple, ignorant, infantile and vain man who took years to marry.

With the support of the people and numerous soldiers, Catherine the Greattransformed into a soldier through the art of beerl and beerlock, led and won a revolution against her husband, becoming successful and beloved queen of her peoplefor which I am not ashamed to go into battle in a male military uniform and have a portrait depicted in this form, complete with pants. Catherine II the Great ascended the throne as Russian tsarina from 1762 to 1796 (b. 1729, d. 1796).

Catherine the Great by Vigilius Eriksen

worst/best dressed

Isabelle Huppert in that Venice Film Festival. Plagiarized dress/pants with silver fringe by Balenciaga pertegas Salome at Eurovision, but he looked like a Yeti in winter boots and metallic wool ties. Huppert doesn’t have to make cinnamon with half inventions Demna Gvasalia.

The elegance of Manuela Villena in contrast to Isabelle Huppert

Manuela Villena at the wedding. The first lady of Andalusia shone last weekend in an original three-color dress from Seville. Anthony Garcia. We make the Motherland and show posture. Hello.

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