Anuel AA responds in this way to Karol G and Shakira for ‘TQG’, their latest hit

Last week the last hit of Shakira In collaboration with Carol G.. ‘TQG’ (I left you big) has been one of the most anticipated songs by Colombian fans to listen to new ‘poisoned darts’ from Barranquilla to Gerard Piqué.

As already predicted, ‘la bichota’ also wanted to send a hint to her ex-partner anuel aa. “Giving like to my photo”, sang the one from Medellín in the song. The phrase refers to the fact that the Puerto Rican “liked” a photograph of her on the beach when they were no longer together and he was with a new partner.

Unlike Gerard Piqué, Anuel AA wanted to respond to the hints that his ex-partner sent him in the song. The ‘reggaetonero’ has taken advantage of his latest Instagram post to send a direct one to Karol G. “Friendly debate:What is the reason that Anuel AA is so unforgettable?“He posted on his profile.

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That’s not all, he wanted to go further and expressed his own opinion. “This pearl has made me the most unforgettable man on the face of the Earth.“He concluded in the publication that has been a success with more than a million and a half likes and thousands of comments.

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