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The skin reflects our health, and therefore skin care is an almost mandatory task, becoming increasingly important on beach days when the sun abounds and, as a result, the remnants of sunscreen, sand or sweat. bacteria and blackheads multiply.

There are a number of foods that become our best allies and that we include in our daily routine. mail the beach brings with it numerous benefits. We are talking about two products that change the skin: good cleanser and moisturizer. And then we tell you the keys:

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What are the benefits of a skin cleanser?

Skin cleansing helps prevent acne, and also shrinks pores, dermatitis, removes excess oil, dead cells, make-up or dirt, and refreshes the skin as it promotes oxygenation, improves the absorption of other foods, and helps fight the signs of aging by stimulating the skin. cell renewal.

Ideal to apply cleanser after sweating, long hours in the sun, in the morning or evening.

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