Ariana Grande surprised her fans without a wedding ring at Wimbledon

Just a few months ago, Ariana Grande worried her fans by uploading several impressive images of his physique and show everyone his extreme thinness, which is why, shortly after, she had to talk to them and send a statement saying that she was fine, if she was thin, then she was healthy and did not lose weight due to not eating or due to any or physical problems.

Once her thinness problem has passed, Ariana finds herself more and more focused on her work, her music career and her personal relationships, so much so that we can’t stop applauding everything the artist does.

Like this weekend that decided to attend the famous Wimbledon final with an incredible appearance, but the most amazing thing that caught the attention of fans was not that, but that She decided to appear without a wedding ring.

Ariana Grande in the spotlight after Wimbledon

Like many other celebritiesOrlando Bloom and Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Sienna Miller with her partner Oli Green; and daughter Kate Moss, Lila Grace…), Ariana Grande did not want to miss the famous tennis final played between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz this weekend.

Of course she was in the best company as he sat next to actors Andrew Garfield and Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey. And this is what fans and connoisseurs of the artist’s music could not fail to see. Ariana came without a wedding ring.

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Ariana Grande at Wimbledon. / IG: @arianagrande

That, of course, has nothing strange, as it is perfectly removed without problems. The bad thing is that the “fandom” was intended to comment on any action that “salsa” could endure, and that’s where the singer’s theme was centered. Without a ring, with her new “look” of a blonde and bleached eyebrows to match and accompanied by incredible actors.

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Jonathan Bailey at Wimbledon. / IG: @arianagrande

And it’s true that In the United States, not wearing a wedding ring is something much more serious. and all the more flamboyant as they are somewhat more conservative with tradition like Ariana Grande, hence the split rumors between her and her partner as fans find it odd that she didn’t wear it. We’ll have to wait a while to see what’s really going on.

Singer and criticism for her extreme thinness

A few months ago, Ariana Grande uploaded several posts to her Instagram account and other social networks and fans. They couldn’t help but see her extremely thinwhat they are not used to.

Photos of the singer showed that she actually looks much slimmer, with less weight and even exposed bones in some parts of her body. Because of this, Ariana was subjected to numerous and harsh criticisms, which stated that “It’s unhealthy.”

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Ariana Grande. / IG: @arianagrande

It is for this reason that Ariana Grande decided to upload a video to TikTok commenting on the reason why she now has such a body and please stop criticizing her as the body they remembered before was “unhealthy” and the one they have now . for a good reason.

“I took a lot of antidepressants, drank alcohol with them and ate poorly,” commented the 29-year-old singer from Boca Raton, Florida) as she can’t take it anymore and decided to say “enough” in response to comments about her body that she faced daily for several months.

This happened through his TikTok account, which he has 31 million followers, in which in these three minutes he reveals that he suffered from various health problems many years ago. In it, she also reflects on how difficult it is to constantly be criticized and commented on. “I don’t do it often. I don’t like it and I’m not good. I want to talk about taking care of my body.”begins with an explanation of the artist in a video of a well-known social network.

The artist, quite embarrassed, publicly explains the discomfort she feels from the constant exposure to “body shaming”, that is, insults and ridicule of a person’s appearance.

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Ariana Grande on TikTok. / TikTok: @arianagrande

“There are many different ways to look healthy and beautiful. Personally, the body you’re comparing my current body to was a less healthy version of my body.”, – says the artist, who has won several music awards. “I took a lot of antidepressants, drank alcohol with them and ate poorly. This was the lowest point in my life, and is considered by many to be the time when I was at my healthiest. But no, it wasn’t great.” confess.

And it is that while Ariana Grande has not elaborated or confirmed what time she is talking about, fans can understand her words and speculate that it could be years between 2017 and 2020, since it was at one of her concerts in Manchester, United States The kingdom during which the attack took place, resulting in the death of 22 people. She also had to go through the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller in 2018 due to an overdose, and later also went through her failed wedding to Pete Davidson in October of that year.

In the video, Ariana Grande is natural, without filters, makeup and eyelash extensions, completely sincere.“Now I don’t wear eyelashes and eyeliner, this is my face, these are my eyes, so don’t be scared of it now, please.”

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Ariana Grande. / IG: @arianagrande

“I don’t have to give explanations about my health”the singer keeps talking “But that I decided to do it in the hope that something good might come out of it if I showed myself to be natural. You never know what a person goes through. While your comment is trying to be kind and necessary, it must be taken into account that this person may be working on it. You never know, so be kind to each other and to yourself.” the singer says.

Of course, having said all this, as befits a beloved singer, she wanted to say goodbye as best as possible and very sincerely and beautifully: “You are precious, no matter what happens, no matter what face these days, your weight or what makeup you use, or the aesthetic procedures you have gone through or not.” The video was not long in coming, and has already received numerous applause and praise, especially from women who, like her, suffer from “shame of the body”, claiming that “Posts like this help more than you think. Thank you Ariana”comments from some users.

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