Artificial Intelligence and the “Calentao Cachaco” | Column by Eduardo Ortega Del Río

Before starting this ridiculous and antagonistic comparison, let’s start from the knowledge that a “Calentao Cachaco” is a dish that is obtained after mixing the leftovers of other meals and reheating them, with the aim of obtaining another dish.

Now yes, getting into the matter, a lot is being said these days about the fear generated by Artificial Intelligence, especially after the launch of the “Chat GPT” application. A platform with which you can interact in natural language and request tasks that we previously thought could only be done by a rational human being.

Although “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) has existed for 80 years, people did not measure its scope because we did not have such fast data processors that could analyze millions of texts, audios and images. Compare them with each other, understand patterns and, based on those coincidences, be able to mix them, ‘reheat’ them at the tip of cybernetic pieces. And create new texts, audios and images different from the original ones, but similar to all the others.

I have seen how an AI is capable of composing a song with the musical style of Taylor Swift, writing a letter with the narrative of Garcia Márquez or even writing a poem like Pablo Neruda would.

These advances inspire those who dream of “technological singularity”, surprise those who still live in an analog world, scare those who attribute everything to conspiracy theories, but what worries me most is that they excite the mediocre .

Let’s be serious and recognize that the only way to enjoy the flavor of a “Calentao Cachaco” is with Sunday guava. When the need to metabolize ethylic demons ingested the night before is appeased with a jumble of rice, meat, beans and who knows what else was in the cupboard that “Gastrointestinal Intelligence” led you to stir in the same pan. The “calentao” has an indescribable flavor, not necessarily as something special, but because we don’t really know what it tastes like, maybe a bit of everything.

AIs will become the most ordinary way of doing routine tasks in the near future. We will have news written by machines, graphic designs made by computers, even “sparkle sparkle” rhythms made by synthesizers. Everything will be satisfactory, but never extraordinary, much less transcendental.

It will not be extraordinary because its essence is made of the ordinary, of repetitive patterns, of things that resemble each other.

The arrival of AIs is a threat, but for those who don’t strive to be original, those who don’t risk creating something unique and new that no one else has written, painted or heard of.

If we give up thinking differently and being original, Taylor Swift, Pablo Neruda and García Márquez will cease to exist, just to mention a few extraordinary examples. AIs will alienate us to a monotonous life, without nuances, without aspirations, without surprises.

Let’s use AI but to have basic information and with the ingenuity of the human mind, create something new, that doesn’t look like anything else. Or else, we will be condemned to eat “calentao cachaco” in the three meals of the day.

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