Artificial intelligence showed how the children of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will look like in a teenage version

Recently, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrate their first wedding anniversary, after a long love story in which we had to endure the distance. Hollywood stars met again and now live with the whole family; together with the actor’s three children and the singer’s twins. But, What will the couple’s offspring look like? Artificial intelligence showed what they will look like If only they had children together.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently celebrated a year of marriage.MICHAEL TRAN – AFP

After their engagement in 2002 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broke up and they rebuilt their lives apart. The actor built a family with an actress Jennifer Garnerwith whom he had a 13 year relationship and three children: Violet, 17; Serafina, 14; and Samuel, 11 years old. From my side, On the Floor translator had an affair with Marc Anthonylasting seven years, the fruits of which were twins Emma and Maximilian, 15 years. In 2021, the actors, already separated, met again and finally said “yes, I agree” a year ago.

Now, Artificial intelligence (AI) showed what the children of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will look likeif the couple decided to bet on the joint expansion of the family. This technology has developed a hypothetical baby face. in teen versionwhose images were based on a combination of features of two Hollywood stars.

According to AI, these will be the children of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.ElComercio(Peru) ElComercio(Peru)

It’s common practice in using this technology, which presents a range of tools and tools in various fields. Thus, users got acquainted with its capabilities by creating also what would they look like celebrity children, as is the case with Ciro Messi, Mirko and Mathilde Salazar on the adult stage; or the physique of animated characters in real life.

What are the five most significant singers in Argentina according to artificial intelligence?

Users started use artificial intelligence tools for a wide variety of tasks. Among them, take an interest in the general culture. Here, GPT Chat revealed who will become the best singers in the history of Argentina and his response sparked a debate on social media.

When asked who is in the top five singers in the history of Argentina, GPT Chat participants singled out celebrities from Carlos Gardelconsidered the father of tango; Astor Piazzollaincluded elements of jazz and classical music in this genre; Mercedes Sosawho also represented the struggle for human rights and social justice; Charlie Garcia, national rock composer who influenced many musicians; And Gustavo Ceratithe leader of the Soda Stereo group and the creator of a new style in rock.

Mercedes Sosa is considered the voice of Argentina

In addition, technology has also contributed the three most influential names in contemporary music Argentina. First appeared Lali Espositowho received international recognition and wrote several albums; Abel Pintos, a folk and pop singer with over two decades of career behind him; And Paulo LondonArgentine rapper who has become one of the most successful in Latin American music in the last ten years.

Lali Esposito is on the list of the most influential singers(Source: Instagram/@lali)


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