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Many remember the image of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: they were both the same person. The two girls were actually one Michelle Tanner, the smallest of the main characters Forced Parents. Set in San Francisco, the series follows the adventures of Danny Tanner and his three daughters, a DJ, Stephanie, and the youngest and beloved Michelle, both played by Olsen. But those girls grew up and today they are 37-year-old grown women. Ashley has just become the mother of her first child.

This was confirmed by the media TMZ And Peoplewho revealed that the translator, as well as the designer at The Row firm, had a child named Otto with her husband, artist Louis Eisner, 34, with whom she had a relationship for six years and whom he married at the end of December last year. The child was born “a few months ago”, according to the said media, but nothing is known about his existence so far.

Representatives of the actress did not confirm the information, but both media claim that there are reliable sources and very close to the couple. According to TMZ, in addition, the couple did not make public the birth of the child, but that he was born in New York “a few months ago.” The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on Dec. 28 at the groom’s home in Bel Air’s upscale neighborhood. The party, which was attended by only 50 guests, was also attended by Mary-Kate, the twin of the bride, and her younger sister, 34-year-old actress Elizabeth Olsen. No images of this hidden link have been seen so far.

Interestingly, Olsen and Eisner met at school, but only after many years they renewed their friendship and started dating. They began to be seen together in public in 2017, and in September 2021 they confirmed their relationship with a man on the red carpet, in particular, at a charity evening for Young Eisner Scholars, a charity founded by the artist’s father, lawyer Eric Eisner, for whom he helps talented youth with limited economic resources to gain access to high-level academic centers. Eisner’s mother, Lisa, is a jewelry designer, but was previously a photographer and worked as a magazine editor. Fashion.

After this celebration, it was difficult to capture the couple in public, who live in New York, the headquarters of her successful firm The Row, which she founded more than 15 years ago with her sister, and where their son was born. , although he often visits Los Angeles, where they were both born and raised. His discretion was evident at his wedding, as well as at the birth of a child whose images were also not released. Same thing with Mary-Kate. In November 2015, she married Olivier Sarkozy, a banker and younger brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. She was 29 and he was 46, by which time they had been dating for three years. The couple divorced in the spring of 2020.

Despite careful silence over the past few decades, little public appearances, and a refusal to be interviewed or social media, the Olsen sisters remain pop culture stars. It was from the premiere forced parents in 1987, when they were barely nine months old, when they became famous and got on television all over the world, to later do so, each in his own role and with his own character, in twenty children’s and youth films. At 18, they had a net worth of over $130 million; the persecution of the yellow press was incessant. “We were like two fairground monkeys,” Mary-Kate admitted in an interview in 2010. In 2022, Indian-British documentary filmmaker Sarah Mirza made a documentary titled Twins (Twins) about them, in which he delved into the reasons why they created such a sensation among thousands of young people in the eighties and nineties and how they managed to create this aura of unattainable mysticism. A mysticism that, years after leaving the screen, they continue to espouse.

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