AstraZeneca launches biological treatment to improve quality of life for people with lupus

It has also launched a comprehensive support platform that provides information to those affected and those close to them.

A ray of hope appears in the lives of people diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) when AstraZeneca introduced the new drug Safnelo, a medical breakthrough that has achieved remarkable results in the fight against this disease.

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The alternative, approved for Central America and the Caribbean, offers a significant reduction in disease activity, producing marked improvements in 53% of patients in clinical studies.

“Systemic lupus erythematosus is a complex, chronic autoimmune disease that can cause long-term damage to various parts of the body, such as the joints and skin, as well as vital organs, such as the kidneys, heart, lungs, blood vessels, and brain.” he explained, Marisol Cordero, a specialist in rheumatology.

Although its causes are still unknown because, like other autoimmune diseases, it can be inherited, some environmental factors have been identified, such as exposure to ultraviolet rays, certain medications to treat blood pressure or infections, as well as seizures, physical exhaustion or stress.

Of the symptoms that may be associated with the disease, joint pain stands out.

“With regard to joint pain, special attention should be paid to pain that occurs at night when you lie down, in the morning when you get up, and which reduces mobility,” said Cordero.

In addition, this pain may be accompanied by swelling of the joints, fever without a known cause, red rashes on the skin, usually on the face and in the shape of a butterfly, pain in the chest when taking a deep breath, and in some cases may cause hair loss.

“The severity of this condition can range from mild to fatal. We know that every outbreak doubles the risk of organ damage, worsening the quality of life for patients. Saphnelo has been able to demonstrate that it can comprehensively control the functioning of affected organs, providing early and sustained responses and controlling symptoms; In addition, patients will be given more outbreak-free time,” said Andres Rojas, AstraZeneca Medical Director for Central America and the Caribbean.

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As for its diagnosis, specialists may choose a special test that includes a blood test for antinuclear antibodies (ANA), as well as other laboratory tests to rule out abnormalities in the blood count, urinalysis, kidney biopsy, and imaging techniques. in order to assess disorders in the joints and other organs.

“Early detection of this pathology is extremely important, since complications are minimized and appropriate treatment can be prescribed depending on the individual case. Its diagnosis can be difficult for some patients because the symptoms are inconsistent and differ from person to person, even in some cases it is similar to many other conditions, causing them to have various clinical manifestations that affect their organs. Rojas added.

Accompanying the launch of Saphnelo, AstraZeneca also unveiled its educational platform “El Enemigo Incógnito”, a digital tool that provides patients with accurate information and support at all stages of the disease, from risk factors and symptoms to timely diagnostic tests.

There is also Octolupus, a support network created by Sophia Parissos, who, after being diagnosed, created this virtual community to support people suffering from this disease.

The International Lupus Society estimates that about 5 million people in the world are seriously affected by the disease, and its prevalence is not declining in Latin America.


  • This is a deadly disease. False. While some patients may die from complications associated with the disease, people can lead normal lives if they are in control with their healthcare provider and are consistent in their treatment.
  • It only affects women of working age. False. Although to a lesser extent, the disease can occur in men, children and adolescents.
  • Women with lupus cannot have children because they will be born with lupus. False. Women with lupus can become pregnant and give birth to healthy children, pregnancy planning should be carried out with a gynecologist and rheumatologist.
  • This is a contagious disease. False.
  • This is a type of cancer. False. It is a complex chronic autoimmune disease.
  • Alternative medicine heals. False. No alternative therapy can replace a biological drug.

SOURCE: Dr. Marisol Cordero, specialist in rheumatology.

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