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He Atlantis Film Festival Mallorcawhich takes place in person in Palma and online at Filmin, celebrates its 13th edition with special sponsorship from Barcelona Social Center, which will allow the festival to expand its format. Throughout July and August, The Social Hub Barcelona, ​​located in Poblenou, will host a thorough program that will include screening of eight films of the festival. “TSH is a platform for creating connections between creative minds from different fields with the common goal of making a social impact, whether through education, technology or innovation, among others,” he states. Luigi Esposito, Director of Brand and Sponsorship Marketing. He continues: “This is a place where cultural entertainment in general coexists with the support of various manifestations of talent, including cinema. That’s why we’re proud to support AMFF.”

Programming will begin on July 31st with “Lola“set in 1941 about sisters who create a machine that allows them to hear the future. An echo thriller will follow”How to blow up an oil pipeline» and historical blockbuster »Il Boemo“. For lovers of documentaries, one of the most high-profile episodes of the season will be shown:Sisterhood in a black sauna“. And for series:Architect“, The best series of the last Berlin festival. Ralph Fiennes will impress with his personal interpretation of T.S. Elliot in “Four quartets“. Finally, two big bets this year: “Nice boys“, a touching drama about bullying and LGBTQ+ adolescence; And “reality“, a gripping thriller based on a true story, in which star Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria, White Lotus) plays a young woman who has shown Russian influence in Donald Trump’s election victory.

Tickets are free and are already available for purchase at this link.

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