Atlas Fallen, what you need to know before launch

With release Fallen Atlas A little over a week after it happened, Deck13 and Focus Entertainment have over the last month released all the RPG mechanics videos they haven’t released since they announced it at Gamescom last year.

Until now, Deck13 has specialized in Souls or Soulslike games, drawing inspiration from the mechanics of the series. Demon Souls And Dark souls – Highly complex RPGs that encourage a stealthy approach to combat.

Meanwhile he Lords of the Fallen the 2014 original was disappointing (the rights remained with CI Games), the studio managed to find its identity in splash And Splash 2 adding sci-fi and new combat mechanics to the Souls formula.

Now about Atlas Fallen deck13 relied heavily on action for the combat mechanics, and as you can see from the many videos they released, the result bears a certain resemblance to dark sides and indeed any other third-person title with hack and slash mechanics with disproportionate weapons and huge enemies.

Which isn’t necessarily wrong, based solely on the video, I think actually moving to more active squares with what Fallen Atlas offers much larger scenarios thanks to its semi-open world than can be found in splash.

And to be honest, with the new Lords of the Fallen also almost right around the corner, the best thing Deck13 can do is try your hand at something that deviates from Souls mechanics.

As for the setting and story, it’s curious that they return to the medieval overtones, although definitely more colorful and with fantastic tones. The great villain to be defeated is the sun god who, along with his followers, is supposed to have turned the world upside down Fallen Atlas in the vast desert is justification enough for all sorts of character abilities in the arena.

Fallen Atlas Coming August 10th to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S. If he can at least manage to combine the set design splash and entertainment dark sidesit’s already a profit.

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