Atlético Madrid intensifies training at Barrial | Mexico News Release

Whether it’s seasonal or you’re on a different continent, Diego Simeone It does not change and retains its tense and ultimate essence.

This was visible in education meeting he had with his players in High performance center in El Barrial where did he spend exercise at the maximum level for an hour.

Beginning with stretchinguntil it passes touching the ball And speed as seen in action Antoine Griezmann, Koke, Alvaro Morata and company

After training sessionMarcos Llorente And Axel Witsell They visited representatives of the media and spoke about the reception given to them in Monterrey.

“They have treated us very well since we arrived at the airport and at the hotel, looking forward to tomorrow’s game, this will be another opportunity to prepare for what awaits us, and this is important.

La Real is a rival that is at the top every year, fighting for everything, it’s been like this for several years now, and this is an opportunity to have a very good pre-season to prepare everything,” said Llorente.

Similarly, the Belgian midfielder colchoneros explained what Simeone’s system is, which resembles the tastes of a royal and Mexican fan.

“With great passion, right? Yes, people know a lot about Cholo, he is a man with a lot of passion and we always try to give our best on the field, I also think that now we have obligations when you need to have the ball to play football at a high level”, he clarified.


He Real Madrid youth teamMarcos Llorente shared a dressing room with Sergio Canales for Spain, so the Spaniard says his performance in Mexico will be positive for the man and the player that he is.

He (Canales) is a great player, he showed it for many years at a high level, I matched him in the national team, he is a great person and I am sure he will play a big role here,” he said. The Spaniard.


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