August 25 is the patron saint of Saint Louis, King of France.

One of the most important dates for the people of Potosi during the year is the one that is celebrated on August 25, offices and other businesses remain closed, and the Historic Center shines with a real party. What is it about?

Every year on August 25, the patron saint of the capital of San Luis Potosí, San Luis Rey de Francia, is commemorated. This character was an icon among the Spanish community in the area at the time, so they decided to honor him by naming the city after his founding on November 3, 1592.

Who was King Saint Louis of France?

The Holy King Louis was Louis IX, born at Poissy, near Paris, on April 25, 1214, a contemporary of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Bonaventure. Crowned at the age of 22, he married Margaret of Provence in 1227, with whom he had eleven children.

He intervened fearlessly during the Crusades against the Muslims, but lost his last two battles against that city, although he did add a few victories, such as over the Egyptian city of Damietta.

Years later, an expedition to Tunis led to his death, which historians believe was due to dysentery or typhoid fever: he died on 25 August 1270 at the age of 56. 27 years later, he was canonized by Pope Boniface VIII, in honor of which various cities around the world adopted his name.

Proximity to the population of Potosina

Since its inception, the Potosi community has been characterized as a deeply rooted religious community, which is why it has been decided year after year to celebrate it mournful anniversaryin addition to the fact that this character is part of the everyday life of potoshino:

  • This can be found on his coat of arms.
  • San Luis has been the company’s official name since its inception, with Potosí added for its mineral wealth.
  • It has its own cathedral, the most important of all: the Cathedral of San Luis Rey.
  • Potosin National Fair It’s happening right this month because it’s Potosino’s ultimate party.

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