‘Avatar 2’ reaches ‘streaming’, but that you can see it is another story because it has a trick

‘The sense of water’ is the success of the year and Disney wants to continue taking advantage of how well the film has gone by giving the viewer much more content.

The film that marked the beginning of 2023 was released in 2022. How can it be? It happens when you are James Cameron and you close the year with the film that has become the third highest grossing in film history. Avatar: The Sense of Water hit theaters on December 16 and has remained among the most watched movies every weekend ever since, grossing more than $2 billion for nearly three months.

Due to the success it has brought avatar 2it’s normal that Disney want to continue taking advantage of how well received the film has been. For this reason, the film has not yet reached Disney+, unlike other titles that took a month or so to be included in the platform’s catalog after its theatrical release. But, after so much time, there is already a date for the arrival of avatar 2 to streaming. Yes indeed, that you can see it is another story because it has a trick.

Avatar: The Sense of Water It will come first to buy and rent before Disney. will be the 28th March when the film will enter its first stage ‘streaming’ and a price will have to be paid to see it from the comfort of your home. The film can be accessed -with 4K Ultra HD quality and Dolby Atmos audio- through Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and in the territories in which they are available Voodoo and Movies Anywhere.

The highest grossing movies in cinema history

Whoever buys or rents the movie will also have access to three hours of additional material in which the universe of Pandora and how the production of the film has been carried out. For now there is no date for domestic formats such as Blu-ray and DVD.

For now, these dates apply only to the United States. To find out if in Spain its arrival to ‘streaming’ will behave in the same way as in North America, we will have to wait for Disney to confirm it.

After the success of Avatar: The Sense of Water, Cameron’s fate is doomed. The director’s plans are to continue with the story of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and neytiri (Zoe Saldana) with avatar 3, avatar 4 and avatar 5.

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