Avril Lavigne’s ex-boyfriend acknowledges being “broken” after his breakup with the singer

Despite Avril Lavigne and the rapper Mod Sun They said they were ready to go to the altar and swear eternal love, the affection ended in just one day: when the famous unexpectedly broke off the engagement in the middle of the tour of the interpreter of “Flames”, which would take him by surprise. Now, it is he who broke the silence and shared her feelings with her followers.

It was through a post on Instagram that Sun acknowledged being “broken” by the news: “In a week, my entire life changed completely,” he wrote next to a photograph where he is seen in front of a mirror.

“I just know that there is a plan for everything. I will keep my head up and always listen to my heart, even when it feels broken,” he added.

The singer, whose real name is Derek Ryan Smith, also thanked his family, friends and fans for supporting him through this difficult time.

“Being surrounded by love every night on tour has been an absolute blessing. I have the best friends in the whole world, thank you for always supporting me. See you on stage, ”she read to herself.

The reaction comes after a week ago, Sun’s representative confirmed the breakup: “They were together and engaged for three days when he went on tour, so if something has changed, that’s news to him,” he said. .

Let’s remember that days ago, Lavigne was seen in Malibu (California) with rapper Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex, and they also had affectionate behavior, according to “TMZ”.

The representative also explained that despite the personal situation, Sun will continue to make presentations.

Although it has not been possible to confirm if the interpreter of “Complicated” maintains something more than a friendship with Tyga, versions previously emerged that Avril and Mod had an intermittent relationship full of problems. On the other hand, the famous has not given explanations about her decision either.

Avril and Mod got engaged in Paris

Apparently, the now ex-partner met when Machine Gun Kelly, actress Megan Fox’s fiancé introduced them.

Lavigne and Sun set off the alarms after they appeared together in 2021 in the video “Flames”: a song in which they collaborated and exuded chemistry during the recording.

From there they would begin a secret love affair, later they were also photographed at galas and at the beginning of April 2022, Sun shared with his fans that he had asked for the hand of the voice of “My Happy Ending”: in front of the romantic setting of the Tower Eiffel in Paris.

“It was the most romantic and perfect request that I could have wished for. We were in Paris on a boat across the Seine. There was a violinist, champagne and roses. It seemed as if time had stopped, as if there were only the two of us,” said the famous for “People” at the time.

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