Ax de Nurca intubated due to complications from cosmetic surgery

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Eduardo Antonio, who was one of Nyurka Marcos’ controversial boyfriends, is having a hard time as he was intubated after emergency surgery, days after undergoing aesthetic treatment.

On August 30, through his social networks, the so-called “Divo de las platelets” shared that he had undergone facial rejuvenation.

In a video he uploaded to Instagram, Edward Antonio He was seen wearing a bandage over his face and thanked his doctor for the procedure: “I’ll have a wonderful face for you,” he said.

Eduardo Antonio underwent surgery on 30 August.

On September 4, through the same social network, Roy Garcia, the husband of the singer, released a statement in which he said that he had undergone emergency surgery for diverticulitis.

Later in another post it was reported that Edward Antonio he was intubated, received artificial respiration and was in intensive care, although his condition is stable.

“I would like to inform you that our Eduardo Antonio is still in intensive care, he is already stable, only artificial respiration has not been canceled yet, because he was very upset when he saw himself with intubation and his breathing rate. greatly increased, and the doctors decided to leave him on artificial respiration for another day,” they wrote.

Through social networks Roy Garcia He asked for strength and prayers for the recovery of the Cuban actor and producer.

Former Nyurki is intubated.

Why did Nyurka’s ex-husband have to undergo an emergency operation?

Eduardo Antonio arrived at Jackson Hospital in Kendall, Fla., in a critical condition early Sunday morning, Sept. 3, according to a report released by America Tevé.

Diverticulitis was due to intestinal perforation due to drugs that the Cuban was prescribed during the operation. According to some media reports, the celebrity had to remove part of the intestine.

How did the relationship between Eduardo Antonio and Nyurka develop?

Edward Antonio He gained immense popularity in 2009 thanks to a relationship with Nyurka Markos, which ended just two years later, in 2011.

In 2020 Edward Antonio He stated that love found him in a man, so they got married on February 14, 2023.

As for his relationship with NyurkaEduardo Antonio commented: “There was never a lie, we fell in love with each other, the moment we were there, I think it was a special moment and we were happy.”

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