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Ever since Aitana left Operación Triunfo when she was only 18 years old, she has been collaborating with many artists of different genres and musical styles. From the most famous academy on television, he has already made collaborations that have given a lot to talk about. With the bad side Ana Guerra, The theme with which they came to Eurovision was at the top of the lists. The song already has 99 million views, but it doesn’t end there. Two singers joined Grisi and Teeny do a remix. Together, the four of them broke the 100 million barrier, reaching 109.

Shortly thereafter, Aytana began her musical career away from the program that brought her to the light, where she shared her first Single with Lele Pons, known for her work on the Internet, who later moved on to work in the music world. The two made “Teléfono” number 1 with 68 million views.

start change

In 2018, Aytana’s style change began and she brought us songs that are somewhat different from what we heard on her first album, and far from reggaeton. Despite the fact that the singer is still focused on commercial music, pop took first place, although during our career we managed to listen to a variety of songs.

Near Morath makes his first collaboration in this style. -something they’ll repeat later-. “I Feel” arrived and broke all the schemes as this collaboration reached 132 million views on YouTube. Two years later, the Colombians and Catalans released “Más de lo que aposté”, a song that follows the line of the previous song they wrote together. Of course between Aitana releases song by David Bisbal that it was the number 1 they launched during the pandemic.

Aitana’s versatility

Within this versatility that we’re talking about, we can see it in songs like “Your ID photo” together with Marmi, where we listened to Aitana, completely different from the one we are used to. Something similar happened with the theme “Send Me Audio” with Fresquito and Mango.

Although all these collaborations are very important for Aitana, one of her dreams came true when, together with Katy Perry and Tiësto sing “Resilient”‘. “It can rain for months…” this is the first suggestion Aitana what we can hear in a song that also combines English and our language. And this is not the only work of Aitana, created not in Spanish. It has also been opened to the Italian public since ‘Butterflies’ from Sangiovanni.

Another special song forTo Aitana and getting out of her comfort zone is what she did with her big friend Amaya. with her he started “The Song I Don’t Want to Sing to You”where, unfortunately, we weren’t able to see them together in the video clip, which their fans have been waiting for.

One of Aitana’s last collaborations was with Sebastian Yatra in “Lifeless Heart” in a ballad full of emotions that has very special wink to a song by Alejandro Sanz, in particular “Corazón Partio”.

But, without a doubt, the most different song that the singer released was “miamor” with Rels B. “Home” song, to which he invites us to dance and fully introduces the new era of “Alpha”.

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