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When rumors began to circulate about a possible sentimental relationship between Bad Bunny and kendall jennerall eyes were on them, waiting for a confirmation that, indeed, they are boyfriends, but this has never arrived, despite the fact that they have already been seen affectionately on repeated occasions.

The silence that these two celebrities maintain in this regard has caused their fans to want to know what is happening between them, so now we will recount what, so far, is known about one of them. the couples that could shock the show business of the United States and the world in general.


It all started in February 2023, when information circulated stating that Kendall Jenner had been seen kissing a boy who would be the urban artist Bad Bunny in a nightclub. At that time, no image had been seen, but the fact that there were rumors were already indications that something else was there.

A few weeks passed and the couple was now captured in photographs at a dinner that they would have had, according to several American media, together with Justin Bieber and his wife, who are very close to Kendall Jenner. Although they were seen going their separate ways on the outskirts of the restaurant, they both said goodbye affectionately in the parking lot of the venue.

Kendall Jenner is one of the younger sisters of the Kardashian clan (Photo: Kendall Jenner / Instagram)


The last days of March have been loaded with passion and emotion in the life of Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner because they have been seen going out together more often compared to previous weeks.

On March 26, the two celebrities were seen leaving an exclusive Hollywood restaurant, where they would have dined in the company of a group of very close friends.

Three days later, it was reported that they went out together again, but this time alone, and it was also reported that they were not afraid to show themselves to be very affectionate in the eyes of all the people who were there.

On Thursday, March 30, the story repeated itself, as it turned out that now they had gone to dinner at Sushi Fumi, where witnesses say they were openly kissing, as if they were an already confirmed wedding couple.


From everything that has been seen about them, one could assume that they are dating and that they are living an ordinary life as a couple, but so far it is not known whether or not there is a formal relationship between them, since neither has come out publicly to confirm the news and it is not something that someone close has deliberately done.

It is so that it only remains to wait to see what happens in the future between them. Of course, in the month of February, similar information had already come out in the TMZ medium, which claimed to have had information from a source that is closely related to the two celebrities.

On that occasion, the aforementioned means of communication stated that an informant revealed to him that they did not have a formal relationship, but that they were dating, getting to know each other and enjoying the moment. Although at that time there was no courtship as such, this does not take away from confirming the possibility over time.

As if that were not enough, on that occasion it was also mentioned that Kendall Jenner’s family was aware of everything and that each of its members approved of the Latin singer, so there is no problem between them.

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