Bad Bunny and the viral video smiling at Kendall Jenner at Coachella

    Unexpected love affairs are the most notorious, or so we have been told every time someone starts dating another ‘random’ person and no one expected it. Somehow or another Jlo and Ben Affleck, when they returned, also surprised us but in another way. We refer to others as Timothée Chalametwho has surprised his fans with rumors of a relationship with the little girl of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner. And his older sister Kendall has also left the Internet with its mouth open upon finding out that he is starting a romance with bad bunny (yes, it’s real, it’s happening). Now, both have attended Coachella and one of their fan videos has gone viral.

    There is nothing better than seeing two of our ‘celebs’ turn a friendship into something more, right? Although sometimes it doesn’t turn out well and each one goes their own way, other times they turn out to be the one for the other. An example of this is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who have become one of the couples ‘couple goals’ of which we never tire. Haven’t you seen the latest ‘trolling’ of the actress to her husband? They are the most. And if we have to give an example of other couples who have said ‘bye bye’ to their relationship, we will have to mention Aitana and Miguel Bernardeu either Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide (who have a good relationship despite everything).

    And now to the core of Coachella that has us shivering with excitement. Despite the criticism we have seen on social networks saying that Kendall and Bad Bunny they make a ‘random’ couple (not in the best of senses), plus it is doubtful that it is real; the truth shows that something is cooking. Their last video together at the event of the moment has gone viral and no wonder, because the singer, while singing ‘Ojitos Lindos’, he looked at the audience and smiled. Can you imagine who she was destined for?

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    Indeed, it is KENDALL (who has been accompanied by her friend, the designer jacquemus) whom has sent a smile while singing ‘and just look at me, with those cute little eyes’. Is this the rom-com we didn’t know we needed?

    Álvaro Alonso is a current affairs and ‘celebrities’ editor at Cosmopolitan and an expert on celebrities and Y2K culture for several years.

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