Bad Bunny and what are his 10 videos that have exceeded a billion views

Puerto Rican urban music singer Benito Santos Ocasio, better known in the international entertainment industry as Bad Bunny, is a complete phenomenon when it comes to setting records and making history with his singles, video clips and collaborations.

In 2022 he became the most listened to singer in the world and positioned important videos within YouTube, Spotify and other music platforms, in addition, the reggaetonero was placed as a holder of various records and took over listings that many would long to have.

To all this is added a new brand for Bad Bunny who has managed to position his tenth music video clip to exceed one billion reproductions or views on YouTube. I am worse is the most recent video clip released by the Latin singer on his YouTube music channel, which has reached more than one billion views.

The material released on December 30, 2016 joins nine other solo or collaborative productions in which Bad Bunny has participated and also exceeds this figure, which positions this famous performer with a historic number of 10 video clips with one billion views or further.

Reaching these figures is not an easy task, but it would seem that Bad Rabbit is good at reaching these stratospheric numbers, because in addition to the 10 videos that have already exceeded that amount, it has several that are quite close to reaching this goal.

Example of the above is tell them, a song with which Bad Bunny sings along with Ozuna, Farruko, Arcangel and Ñengo Flow, which at the time of this article has more than 996 million views. While dance for me single in which Bad Bunny joins Nacho and Yandel has 959 million views. Also close with 899 million is Sensualitysingle in collaboration with Prince Royce, J Balvin, Dj Luján, Mambo Kingz and Bad Bunny, among others.

About which are the 10 videos with which Bad Bunny has managed to exceed one billion views on YouTube, we have that they are the following.

i’m worse.
The song and video clip premiered by Bad Bunny on December 30, 2016 on his YouTube channel and under the name of i’m worse, already exceeded one billion reproductions. This production directed by Fernando Lugo is part of the album El conejo malo.

Many may locate the bad rabbit thanks to this song. callaita It became one of its references as of May 31, 2019 when it was launched with its respective video clip. Currently the visual, in which the singer Tainy also has some interventions, exceeds 1023 million views. YHLQMDLG is the album where this song was included as well as in the one of a summer without you.


1052 million reproductions has reached so far the video clip of the song amorfoda. Released on February 14, 2018 and again under the direction of Fernando Lugo, this clip is taken from the album X 100pre.


On October 29, 2020, the video clip of his collaboration with urban artist Jhay Cortez was released on Bad Bunny’s music channel. dakiti is the title of the melody that musicalizes the video clip that exceeds 1,265 billion views on YouTube. The last tour of the world It is the disc from which this single comes off.

A mega international collaboration and expected by many of Bad Bunny’s fans came to light on October 11, 2018 with the release of the visual of the single titled Mine. This material has since been appreciated by the public by giving it 1406 billion views. The song is part of the album X 100pre.

you don’t live like this.
The material that is located in this position is not part of Bad Bunny’s Youtube music channel, however it does integrate it within the singers who interpret the melody you don’t live like this. This song and its corresponding video clip, released on October 1, 2016, exceed 1,421 million views on the Hear the music YouTube music channel.

This collaboration also counts Bad Bunny because he is one of the singers of the melody and that he appears in the video, directed by Le, which accounts for such a figure. Together with Arcángel, Dj Luian and Mambo Kingz this theme continues to make history.

I like it.
Another of the collaborations that have been quite flattering for Bad Bunny is the one he did with the singer Cardi B and the Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin. On May 29, 2018 the song I like it was presented to the world together with its lively and tropical video clip released on Cardi B’s YouTube channel. This joyous collaboration has 1,531 million views.

you don’t know me.
The singer Jhay Cortez decided to collaborate again with two important exponents of urban music such as J Balvin and Bad Bunny to together give life to the song titled you don’t know me. The single released on May 16, 2019 exceeds 1,993 million views on YouTube and counting. So this collaboration was more than favorable.


The penultimate video with the most views in which the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny can be heard is the titled Greater. In this production, the urban singer was invited by his colleague Becky G to put his stamp on this melody and production that today has a stratospheric number of 2,258 million views. The visual was released on July 13, 2017.

I threw you away remix.

To close this top ten of music videos in which Bad Bunny participates and exceed one billion views, we have the song I threw you away remix. It was on April 11, 2018 when the Flow la movie channel released the video clip of a collaboration that brought together Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, Ozuna and Bad Bunny. From then until now, the material has recorded a powerful number of 2,359 million views and counting.

Undoubtedly figures that many artists would like to have and that the Bad Rabbit seems to be collecting more and more, either alone or in collaborations with other Latino urban exponents and other nationalities.
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This is how the followers of the singer urban Puerto Rican Bad Bunny can be more than happy that his star has reached a thousand views on YouTube with another of his video clips. This undoubtedly positions him at the top of the spheres of international music.

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