Bad Bunny sends hints to Kendall Jenner in his new song: Coco Chanel

One more time, Bad Bunny is trending for one of her new songs, although now it’s not only due to her incredible rhythm, but also has a background that includes a member of the KUWTK clan.

It is the simple call Coco Chanel who sings along with the rapper Eladio Carrionand today we tell you all the references we found towards kendall jennerwho would be his current dateas well as other hints that could even go towards your ex, Devin Booker. OMG! Stay until the end to find out the details.

Coco Chanel: the song in which Bad Bunny could talk about Kendall Jenner

Although a relationship between the interpreter of Titi asked me and the model has not yet been confirmed, we have already seen some displays of love in public, as the last appearance where they could be seen kissing in Los Angeles. Therefore, it is not surprising that she has dedicated some verses of his new song to him.

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For example, in the first verse we notice that he makes two references to her. The first, when she says ‘Ferrari, uh, she doesn’t like Lamborghini’, well we know that Kendall Jenner collects luxury carsand between them, has a Ferrari. Later he mentions ‘Scorpios are dangerous’, and yes, the Tequila 818 ambassador belongs to the same zodiac sign.

But beware, it seems that the hints were not only for her, but also for her ex, Devin Booker. The following lines read ‘But the PR sun heats up more than Phoenix’, something that fans have related to the fact that he is from Puerto Rico and Phoenix is ​​where Booker plays, since he is the star of the team.

Other theories that have arisen as a result of this topic is that, possibly, Kendall decided to part with the basketball player completely because there was already something with Benedict and not because of ‘the agendas that did not coincide’, as it was revealed to the media.

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One of the last times we saw Kendall and Devin together was at Kourtney and Travis’s wedding.

The truth is that this is something that could only be confirmed by the model herself and she has stayed out of the subject. Until now, Bad Bunny he hasn’t accepted that the song is about Kendall Jenner, but success is rising like foam, because with just a few hours of being launched, it already has more than 4 million views.

The only thing that is certain about all this is that the song was released at the perfect time for it to top the list of the most listened to tracks on the bridge, and the upcoming holidays! We leave you the video so you can see (and hear) all the details.

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