Bangs and other tricks to save years without going under the knife


It is also important to maintain skin hydration and brow density.


It’s hard to accept this and succeed over the years, let’s not deny that we all like to look and feel good, and in most cases it goes hand in hand: if you look good, you will feel good too. But not all of us can or want to go under the knife to get it, but don’t despair, there are many tricks that can take you years without having to go through complex surgeries or treatment. We tell you how to reset years in a very simple way.

One of them is bangs, which seems to be back forever, such a simple thing can mark our style and even take us a few years. Currently, there are also many options: curtain, front, baby bangs, French or straight. known as Monica Bellucci or Heidi Klum they use it and it is wearing bangs that can transform your face. You can round it if you have an elongated one, or vice versa, lengthen a rounded face. Soften facial features and straight lines, improve the appearance and even eliminate wrinkles, such as expression lines on the forehead or even hide spots near the cheekbones, and give the face a fresh and natural look.

Highlights (if it is in honey or sand tones, much better) will emphasize your facial features and make you look much younger. Ask your hairdresser to make them very thin and close to your face, you will look much younger.

Other Tricks to Save Years

Girl straightens her eyebrows

But these are not the only ways to look younger: staying hydrated inside and out will also help us, and as simple as applying moisturizer daily, you will improve the texture and radiance of your skin, and in doing so, you will give it a more youthful look.

From Some more point out how to give volume to our lips, which lose volume over the years due to the fact that we produce less collagen. To achieve this, it is enough to add a point of light in the center of the lip with a slight touch of gloss, that’s all. And one more thing about makeup: don’t overdo it. Try to use light foundations and avoid powder. If we use a base with a very high coverage to mask wrinkles, we run the risk of them shifting and accumulating in them, accentuating them even more.

Also try to make the eyebrows thick and thick, the bigger they are, the younger you will look, for this, define and fill in the arch well. And the recommendation regarding the colors that you use in your wardrobe: brown, peach, gold and the warmest pink, you will forget for years.

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