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In recent weeks, since the premiere of the film Barbie, took its place among the trends “Botox Barbie” as a procedure known as trap toxin, botulinum toxin injection into the trapezius muscle, between the neck and shoulder, which relieves tension but also helps to create a slimmer and longer look in that area.

He trap toxin this is not a new procedure. Many are looking for it reduce pain and numbness caused by stress, but its other advantage is of interest to those who want to have a slender neck and perfect shoulders, like a Barbie.

For now, according to the Huffington Post, #BarbieBotox hashtag has reached almost 7 million views on TikTok, and follows the same path on Instagram. Users, mostly women, share their photos before and after the injection.

How much does good posture Barbie cost? Each session can cost up to $1,000, i.e. $3,000 to $7,000 a year. The effect lasts for about three months, depending on the type of botulinum toxin used, the metabolism and muscles of each person.

In South Korea trap toxin This is the second most popular facial after Botox. according to writer Eliza Hu in her book Flawless: Lessons in Appearance and Culture from the Capital of K-beauty.

However, according to plastic surgeon Sam Rizk, this is not a solution for wide shoulders or a short neck, but instead may exacerbate aging On the neck. The original goal was to administer Botox to patients suffering from migraines or chronic stress.

But muscle numbness has its consequences, Rizk explains. “Trapeze is important. It is not only responsible for your posture, but also allows you to turn and tilt your head. up and down, shrug your shoulders, raise your hand, throw things. When you weaken it, you lose important functions. Talk to your doctor.” Moreover, this ensures that if the neck looks longer, the skin may look saggy. It’s not a problem in your 20s or 30s, but for older people it’s not a good cosmetic solution.

Finally, if you decide to do so, it’s best to go to board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. (HEY)

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