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To watch a trendy movie Barbie, you can not do without a small guide, an instruction manual that will help us understand some of his most significant phrases and, above all, explain to boys and girls what is happening on the big screen. Yes, this is a film for all audiences, but it is not easy to understand if we are not familiar with the message it conveys.

The first thing we must do before viewing is to stock up, if we do not have them as standard, some purple glasses such as those that in real life make it easier for us to identify situations, actions, phrases, jokes, comments or reactions that would be unthinkable in Barbie country, but which are very common outside of this “safe environment” for women.

Let’s summarize for those who have not yet gone to see it great feminist work directed by Greta Gervin. Women rule in Barbieland and there are all kinds and conditions: white, black, oriental, obese, transgender, disabled, Nobel laureates, farmers, presidents of the country and yes, the stereotypical Barbie. Beyond Barbie, in this pink world live Ken, men who are another accessory like a car or accessories. Something similar sounds to you, but vice versa? Surely yes. When one day our stereotypical Barbie discovers that death exists, like cellulite and flat feet, she realizes that in the real world someone is playing with her and decides to throw herself on this unknown planet. She is accompanied on the trip by her boyfriend Ken, who learns what patriarchy means, but becomes less interested when he realizes that it is not about horses, his biggest interest. In order not to spoil, I will say that Ken is trying to establish the same patriarchy in Barbieland after the trip and …. Go to the cinema. Do this because you will find that feminism always bypasses many layers of interpretation.

What begins as a statement that “women can be whatever we want as long as they don’t have their wings clipped” moves into critiques of exclusionary visions, reflections on masculinity, the old instead of the new, and the value of being that neither we nor they were born to be additions or accessories for anyone. It also has a mother/daughter relationship to appearance Ruth Handlermythical doll maker.

He continues to critique exceptional looks, reflect on masculinity, the old rather than the new, and appreciate that neither we nor they were born to complement or accessorize anyone.

From here, from the imposition of thematic layers, we continue the instruction manual. If you decide to see Barbie accompanied by boys or girls or people who have not yet tried on these purple glasses, even if you are not familiar with this movement, you will need an explanation of some situations and concepts. In a world where equality is not internalized, where phrases slip away every day, discriminatory situations arise and, most importantly, rape culture is still going strong, it is necessary that when one rushes to denounce it through film, the message comes and is internalized. More when a clearly childish and very pink world is used for this. If we do not do this, if we do not explain to those who do not yet live in feminist keythat in Barbieland women have a great day every day because they don’t have to wait for the glass ceiling to go down, the hallways to expand or the floors to stop being sticky and keep us from taking off, the great work of all the Barbie team will not reach its goal. Because behind every image, every offer and every outfit is a message with which they want to turn the real world into a more just and equal world.

Still many men refuse to watch “pink” movies. They don’t care about the message, they don’t care that women want to do everything they already do, some are even ashamed to enter the world of “dolls” that can question their masculinity. But there is Ken to ask questions, and this user manual invites them to reflect on possible answers.

Why didn’t Barbie tell me about this? patriarchyKen wonders. Well, probably because it’s not in Barbieland and they don’t talk about what isn’t there. It’s not until they jump into the real world that they realize what it’s like to be a woman in a privileged world for some.

“I am a man without power, does that make me a woman?” Transparent! You couldn’t be more clairvoyant, friend Ken. In the real world, women are gaining power at a price that no man has ever had to pay in his life, because his male role has given him privileges again that we do not have. They don’t have to take care of them, they don’t sacrifice their working lives to raise them, they don’t cut back their time to dedicate themselves to their daughters, they don’t… It all takes power away from us, so yeah, lack of power brings it a little closer. you to us.

In the real world, women achieve power at a price no man has ever had to pay in his life, because his male role once again gave him privileges that we don’t have.

“You’re not dead, you’re just having an existential crisis.” Certainly masculinity He did not die, but I hope he died rancid, the one that divides rather than unites, the one that imposes on us, the one that makes us different. The new masculinity, the one that empathizes, the one that appreciates, the one that cooperates, the ally, the one that recognizes, the one that refuses what does not belong to her just because she is a man, the one that discovers that she is released when she cries because it does not make him weak, welcome dear Ken. Barbie is a doctor, lawyer, president, bricklayer, programmer, nurse, judge, engineer, inspiration and inspiration. And much more.

summer movie star it’s half comedy half allegory. It doesn’t have to be taken very seriously, but please don’t dilute the post. We want to generate ideas, not be an idea.

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