‘Barbie’ won’t be coming to HBO Max as soon as we think

The phenomenon of “Barbenheimer” is a real revolution in the international box office. What started as a confrontation strategic commercial positioning between oppenheimer AND Barbie dollmet with a spectacular response at the box office. Especially for the Mattel band, which has already managed to break through $1 billion in just over half a month of presence on the billboard. Nevertheless, it is not surprising that since Discovery Warner Bros they want to continue to use their pink phenomenon in cinemas around the world before adding it to the catalog of their streaming service.

“Barbie” (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Despite the fact that other viral phenomena such as orderlyquickly reached $360 million, the streaming service checked the bat signal, and Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne landed after 45 days between platform content. These days are usually customary that brands have established for story spaces in theaters and theirs free landing for subscribers. For example recently Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 It hit the Disney+ billboard. Regardless of and due to his contract, oppenheimer Christopher Nolan got up 60 days of cinema exclusivity.

“Barbie” (Warner Bros.)

Coinciding with a biopic about the atomic bomb, it would be commercially foolish to send it to the video-on-demand catalog soon, and most likely would have made it to other digital rentals before it went through the subscriber free version. There’s no official confirmation of this, but Warner’s CEO, David Zaslawdirectly mentioned that only in the fall we will see the film with Margot Robbie in the lead role: “We rely on theater windows to pay for themselves, and then move to video-on-demand for windows that have always worked. When I come in autumn (Barbie doll), it will have a good effect.”

“Barbie” (Warner Bros.)

Barbie doll It hit Spanish cinemas on July 20 and, in addition to Robbie, has stars such as Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, Michael Cera and America Ferraraamong others. The official synopsis is as follows:

“Barbie lives the perfect life in Barbieland, everything is perfect there, party photos are full of music and colors, and every day is the best. Of course, Barbie asks herself questions, quite uncomfortable questions that don’t fit into the idyllic world she and the other dolls live in. When Barbie realizes that she is able to keep her heels on the ground and has flat feet, she decides to put on her shoes without heels and enter the real world.

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