Barça aiming for Arabia, but player prefers Tottenham

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Barça are in a hurry to close the exits. The club wants to place Desta, Lenglet and Kessy before the start of the League, with the French central defender being the one closest to finding a spot. The club received an offer from Al-Nasr is from Saudi Arabia, but the centre-back is not clear on going there and is absolutely prioritizing a move to Tottenham, a club with whom he already has a three-season tentative deal. Barca want to bring in the 15 million they give in Arabia, but Tottenham don’t want to pay that amount.

The Lenglet case is heating up, and a solution could be found even this week. For now, the centre-back is aware of the Saudi Arabian offer but does not consider it a priority and hopes that Barça and Tottenham can come to an amicable agreement. The English club has made great efforts to sign him for the next three seasons, but understands that they cannot pay more than a symbolic amount for a transfer. And Barça are asking for 15 million euros, a figure that Al Nasr would have paid without a problem.

The sports area of ​​the Blaugrana club is in contact with the environment and it is possible that there will be a new squeeze with Tottenham to try to find a solution. In fact, next week the English club will come to Barcelona to play Gamper and everything can be decided there. The main problem is that Tottenham are locked down until Harry Kane reaches an agreement to sell Bayern – they are already very close – and this is delaying all their market efforts.

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