Bayern are looking for a goalkeeper: list of candidates and obstacles to interest in Dib Martinez

Emiliano Martinez was in the orbit of Bayern Munich (Reuters)

In the final stretch of the European summer transfer window Bavaria He wants to complete the formation of his team to face the new season, where the ball will start rolling this Friday. After closing the most expensive and needed signing (Harry Kane), now they are looking for an archer take the title under three sticks while the recovery process he’s going through expands Manuel Neuer.

although the Swiss Jan Sommer arrived in January 2023, his recent departure for Inter Milan This forced the management to fully focus on this position, with several candidates in sight, all of them first level.

as far as he could tell informationBayern Munich kept in orbit the goalkeeper of the Argentine team Emiliano Martinez in the previous transfer market and asked about him after he became world champion. After a recent injury to the German goalkeeper (an open fracture of the lower leg and fibula), he again declared his intentions, but The desire of the Teutonic club – to rent a goalkeepersomething that quickly hinders negotiations both because of the desire I drew like Aston Villa, who paid over $20 million to sign him in 2020.

Another obstacle, logical due to the level of the 30-year-old Argentine goalkeeper, can be understood with the help of information published by a German newspaper. Build. Bayern are looking for a better goalkeeper who is also willing to respect Manuel Neuer’s hierarchy in the organization and accept a replacement if the German recovers optimally. It should not be overlooked that the 37-year-old goalkeeper has not played for eight months and has just undergone a “secret operation” that has caused more concern after a holiday injury that sidelined him.

For now, I drew He will continue to work on the Aston Villa project, which aims to grow in the Premier League with him as a banner. That is, in this context, Martinez will not be selected to occupy the German target unless conditions change in the coming days.

To the list of names they drew in Munich to cover for Neuer, we must also add the figure Kepa Arrizabalagafinally He chose to leave Chelsea and go on loan to Real Madrid. The 28-year-old goalkeeper was pleased with his choice and even expressed a desire to stay in the squad. White House after his appointment.

Another who has made great strides but has suddenly fallen is the Argentine. Geronimo Rulli, who will miss most of the season after the rescheduled shoulder dislocation. Interest in the Moroccan was not justified either. Yassin Bunu from Sevilla, who would decide to emigrate to Neymar’s new team, al hilal from Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, in the folder only a few names left cover the gates of Bavaria and the Spaniards stand out among them David De Geawithout a team from July 1, and the German Stephan Ortega from Manchester City.

Stefan Ortega is a candidate for a seat on the nose (Reuters)

As for the former Atlético de Madrid, talks on a possible merger could be weakened as Bayern will not agree to meet wage demands that the player will demand (at United he took 20 million per season), according to the German media.

Because of this, as detailed by the German media Buildmain target is now archer citizen The 30-year-old takes his place on the bench behind the Brazilian Ederson. In the case of Ortega, a transfer would be more appropriate, since I would go from a substitute to a main player at addition to increasing his salary.

The goalkeeper, who has a contract with City until 2025, will have to analyze the prospects, because in the event of a good recovery of Neuer sit down on the bench again if he fails to convince the coach that he is worthy to take the place of team captain.

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