Bayern pay the point and leave Florentino Perez by knockout, saying goodbye to Real Madrid.

Movements and more movements in the world of football, less than a month left before the transfer market closes. Many stars have already moved, but they may not be the only ones as big European clubs still want to fight a lot. And the next giant that could act is Bavaria.

The Bavarian club, currently undergoing renovations, already has a new plan for further improvement. And the next big problem is signing the star in advance. And the goal of Bayern, which is about to be confirmed, will leave Florentino Perez and to real Madrid knockout, as he will take one of his goals scored a few months ago.

Florentino Perez applauding / Photo: Europa Press – Oscar J. Barroso

Harry Kane closer to Bayern Munich

And the footballer in question Harry Kane. The Tottenham Hotspur centre-forward has long made it clear that wants a change of scenery. And it is for this reason that he is postulated as a striker, ready for sale and able to get into a great European club. And Bayern Munich – selected destination.

Kane wants to win titles, Bayern want a goalscorer. All pieces fit. And the leaders of the Bavarian club have already had meetings in London. The transfer price in the table is a record one for Bayern. we are talking about more than 80 million euros. And it is still not at all clear whether this price should be paid or whether it can be even higher.

Harry Kane celebrating a goal for Tottenham Hotspur / Photo: Europa Press – Time Goode

But it’s clear that from Bayern Munich they made a choice and that Harry Kane will be the future centre-forward of the Bavarian club. And now it remains only to agree on all the parties and the signing has entered into force. Bayern don’t want to wait long as they want Kane to be ready for the first official game of the season.

Real Madrid no longer bet on Harry Kane

And that means Real Madrid have been left without one of their favorite strikers this summer. Harry Kane was on Florentino Perez’s agendabut he is long gone. The white club was not ready to pay so much money because it had a different goal.

Harry Kane plays for Tottenham Hotspur / Photo: Europa Press – Nigel French

And that’s what Real Madrid won’t sign Kanebut if He has everything to turn on Kylian Mbappe.. The French striker from PSG has been selected for now and is the only player left on Real Madrid’s roster. A differential player like Kane, but who still has better expectations.

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