beauty: Amaia Salamanca makes bangs and confirms that it is the favorite change of look of spring

Do you want to inaugurate spring with a

look change? Well, dear reader, you have to rethink the option of bangs – the guide to choose the one that suits you the most. Yes, we already know that it is usually an uncomfortable and difficult cut to maintain, but it is time to give it another chance. He wears disheveled and the style that has been made

Amaia Salamanca.

The actress has shared some photos on her Instagram profile in which she appears with a new hair style. Probably, Amaia Salamanca is one of the women who has made the most changes to her look and this time she wanted to try bangs. And she has succeeded!

The bangs is a complement that has become very common in cutting styles lately. We have seen them longer, shorter, symmetrical or irregular and they have been placed as an element

beauty that brings a lot of personality to the style and frames the face.

And Amaia Salamanca wanted to prove her

flattering effect this spring with a type that looks good on almost all types of faces and that has been a trend for several seasons. We talk about

curtain bangs that can be worn in different ways and that the actress has chosen in a short version.

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Michel Pineda, stylist at Isamar Studio, explains that this “is a super trending fringe right now, since it gives a

super chic and modern look to any look«. One of the looks with which to go to the last and that he recommends because »it is

very versatile and easy to combine because it favors the face a lot, although we can highlight that it is really perfect for the most oval and round faces«.

As we said, this type of bangs will continue in the ranking of haircut trends this year and one of the reasons is that it can be a good ally for people who do not want to risk too much, but who want to give a different touch. to his look.

And another of the tips that Isamar Studio recommends is to add it to a long hair that falls subtly below the shoulder to achieve balance and perfect harmony. Although yes, it admits many versions and is also suitable for XL hair and other shorter ones.

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But if we had to name Amaia’s bangs, we could say that it is a version of the

bottle neck. The hair expert Ismael De Felipe, from his homonymous salon in the Salamanca neighborhood (Calle Padilla, 74), explains that this is a seventies trend that is reigning in 2023.

«They combine the

curtain bangs technique with baby bangs, characterized by shorter locks in the central part on the forehead, and longer ones open on the cheeks, “he explains. And not only that, it is a type of bangs with a lot of history, since we have seen it on iconic women such as Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin or Marianne Faithfull, but also currently on Kristen Stewart, Margot Robbie or Elizabeth Olsen among many others. . Do you dare with him?

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