Beauty beauty: What eye patches do celebrities use after 50

They say that the hands are one of the first areas of the body where the signs of aging are appreciated, but it is not always the only one. The eyes also say a lot about the passage of time and over the years, the skin around this part of the face begins to lose firmness, expression lines appear and it is more fragile.

One of the skin problems that worries many women over 50 is crow’s feet. They suffer with the application of makeup and also with aging. These small wrinkles are marked over time and for this reason, from very early on, this area of ​​the face must be treated with the help of specific serums and creams for the eye contour.

Although there are many treatments and products indicated for all types of dark circles and bags, the truth is that it is always worth going to experts to find out what can really work for us. Brown circles are not treated the same as blue circles, and vice versa.

Therefore, if you want to have a rejuvenated look after 50, you have to be constant in facial care. And also take a look at how some people take care of their skin

celebrities. Many of them have the advice of expert facialists who help them maintain movie-like skin for many years.

Among those facial care tips that experts recommend to many celebrities are

hydrogel patches. Although there has been some controversy with its effects; the truth is that if you choose them well you can really notice some result on the skin. The advantage of these patches is that they have very different assets depending on the needs of the eye contour: Botox effect, illuminating, anti-pigmentation…

We have gathered together some of the most famous patches worn by celebrities from the 50’s.

Monica Belluci, Cindy Crawford and some other celebrities are clear that these are their favorite hydrogel patches and that, of course, they recommend to any friend.

Monica Bellucci

Actress Monica Belluci. Photo: Gtres.

The Italian actress sports enviable skin at 58 years of age. She recently changed her look and she also went to the famous bangs. Among other of her new additions are some patches from the most famous French facial care brand,

Biological Research.

Patchs Défatigants de Biologique Recherche eye patches.

On a visit to Madrid, to the spa that

The Beauty Concept has at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz Hotel, the actress bought some patches of the brand and was delighted. Are some

anti-aging effect patches that help prevent the signs of aging, have a drainage effect and help fight bags and dark circles.

cindy crawford

The model

cindy crawford She is another of the most iconic women in the world of fashion who also takes great care of her skin. Although her daughter is now following her lead, the model is still in the spotlight. Her well-kept mane is midi and her eye contour is very hydrated.

Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty Eye Patches.

Some of Cindy Crawford’s beauty hacks include hydrogel patches. Specifically, we are talking about the patches

Revive Brighten Eyes Masque by Meaningful Beauty. They have anti-aging ingredients, plump the skin and soothe the eye contour area.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Gtres.

Celebrity favorite eye patches don’t always have to be fancy. There are some celebrities who prefer to invest in cheaper ones, such as the actress

Jennifer Aniston. Her facial routine has gone viral and among her favorites are some hydrogel patches that she sometimes wears on Instagram from the brand 111 Skin.

Eye patches from 111 Skin.

We refer to the patches

Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask by 111Skin. They are very fresh patches, which add shine to the eye contour area, give firmness and are made of collodial gold that has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow. Photo: Gtres.

All celebrities usually reveal some of their usual beauty tricks on social networks and that is also the case of the well-known actress

Gwyneth Paltrow. The actress has very healthy skin, but one of her tips to be even prettier on the red carpet is to always use hydrogel patches.

Jillian Dempsey hydrogel patches.

Specifically, the actress usually opts for moisturizing patches. She uses the patches

the jillian dempsey brand. A pack of 10 patches is usually around $75. Other actresses who also often opt for this brand of patches are Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence. The creator of this brand, which is only available in the United States, is the makeup artist Jillian Dempsey and the wife of actor Patrick Dempsey.

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