Beauty RADICAL CHANGE: Olympia from Greece changes her look and goes to the mob: the new trend cut that favors all

When a new season begins to approach, the same thing happens to everyone: you fancy a change of look! It can already be small, or something more radical such as opting for a completely different color or cutting the hair. The latter is what he has done

Olympia from Greece, who has joined a more flattering, comfortable and perfect haircut for good weather.

The daughter of Marie-Chantal Miller and Pablo de Grecia is quite a

influencers. In networks, he has more than 287,000 followers and usually publishes campaigns, but also some of his likes or even meetings with friends. She is usually active on social networks, like other European royals like Victoria Federica.

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In addition, she has recently done a collaboration with an American brand known for turning book covers and artwork into bags. It’s called Olympia Le-Tan and it was founded in 2009. Numerous celebrities, such as Olympia from Greece herself collaborates with the brand and others like Reese Witherspoon or Natalie Portman, have spontaneously worn and supported the brand’s emblematic bookclutch.

However, today we are not here to talk about some of its

looks, but of his capillary change. The first-born of the crown princes of Greece is 26 years old and has decided to renew her hair before the arrival of good weather. The aristocrat has joined one of the most trending haircuts in recent months that surely you have already seen.

We refer to the ‘mob’ cut. Yes, you read it right. It’s not ‘bob’, it’s ‘mob’. It is the new version of the cut that reaches the height of the shoulders and that allows you to manipulate the hair and feels great. Although the bob cut is one of the most requested in hairdressers, it seems that some influencers lately prefer a more comfortable option.

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The new change of

looks of

Olympia from Greece She has taught herself through social networks. The daughter of Pablo de Grecia uploaded to her Instagram feed a publication with a selfie in a mirror, accompanying her new cut with a leather-effect trench coat, a black mini dress and high-heeled sandals.

What is mob cut? The first difference with the ‘bob’ cut is that it has more layers, more volume and a perfect height to make hairstyles comfortably. This was one of the big problems faced by those who decided to cut their hair and go to the ‘bob’.


the mob cut, everything is easier. The second difference with the ‘bob’ cut is the layers, which are more noticeable. It is true that straightening is not the best hairstyle, but you can also do it. It is best to wear this haircut with movement, either with waves or even with curls.

To carry it, you can do it in the same way as

Olympia from Greece, with a line in the middle. You can also give it a more trendy touch and bet on the side stripe. This will really depend a bit on your features, age and what feels best to you.

Zendaya, Cate Blanchett, and other celebs have also recently jumped on the ‘mob’ haircut in recent months. In addition, it is an ideal haircut for the season of good weather, and especially when the heat and high temperatures arrive.

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