beauty: The favorite luxury serum of the famous that protects from the sun and leaves no blemishes on the skin

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, you always have to protect your skin. It is important to go throughout the year to sunscreens. UVB rays (responsible for sunburn) and above all, UV (promotes skin aging) are always there. For this reason, it is convenient to always use a sunscreen cream.

Another reason to use sun protection is not only the prevention of skin diseases (of course!), but also spots. If you usually apply vitamin C in the morning, it is important that you use sunscreen later or otherwise you will get unwanted spots.

However, it is not convenient to constantly change your sunscreen. The motives? Pimples may appear. Although it is true that sunscreens are usually greasy and you have to insist a lot on cleaning them; also if you change them frequently it is more likely that imperfections will appear.

It has happened to me too. Last summer, trying some sunscreens, I was able to see how the skin began to accumulate imperfections, either as blackheads or some pimples. At first I didn’t know if it was some kind of product, need for a deep facial cleansing, or what.

The reality is that the failure was to vary sunscreen. Sometimes it happens, because we run out or simply because in summer you travel more and take the one that occupies less in the suitcase. The truth is that the actress also agrees with this

Emma Robertswho has confessed the same thing to an American publication.

Emma Roberts with the Barbara Sturm sunscreen serum. /


“If I have learned anything over time, it is that if I change my sunscreen my forehead fills with pimples, so I am very faithful to mine,” the actress confessed. And she is not lacking in reason. In her case, Julia Roberts’ niece, she uses a serum from the famous facial care expert Barbara Sturm.

Barbara Sturm sunscreen serum. /


We are referring to a luxury serum that, in addition to protecting the skin from aging, prevents oxidative damage and has SPF50. An innovative format that is not common to see in cosmetics and that also saves you from taking two products in your suitcase.

It is true that it has a high price, although it seems that it gives very good results. In case you are interested in this type of format, we have signed a version made in Spain that you can also find in a pharmacy and it costs 19.90 euros.

5punto5 sunscreen serum. /


We are referring to the serum with SPF50 from 5punto5. It is a serum with a very light texture, which prevents the signs of skin aging. It is duck for all skin types and also has hyaluronic acid. Protects from UVA and UVB rays.

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