Beauty trends of the 90s that we will see in 2023

Brown lips, hydrated and natural skin, impressive eyeliner known as grunge, among others, are the trends that are in fashion this 2023, but that we actually met in the 90s.

How to adapt the beauty trends of the 90s in 2023?

In the We saw it in the spring fashion shows in the makeup of the models and the videos on the networks confirm it: these trends are back to stay. However, what must be taken into account when a trend is back is that it must be adapted to the needs of today so as not to appear that we are simply wearing a vintage or old-fashioned look.

What are the trends of the 90s that we will see in 2023?

  • On the skin, the technique of fresh, clean and even wet faces appeared in makeup in 1993 with the Calvin Klein autumn show and thanks to the famous makeup artist Dick Page. Today, this has returned and luminosity and freshness on the skin are necessary. Some experts recommend, if you don’t like going out without a drop of makeup on your face, that you use a light foundation that is as close to the color of your skin.
  • Eyebrows, in the ’90s, were overly elaborate and very thin. Although this returned on the catwalks, it is not seen much on the networks and in fact some experts do not recommend waxing this part of the face more than is fair.
  • Eyeshadow in earth tones. If they are very dark colors, the shadow should be soft so as not to steal the spotlight from the point that we will talk about next.
  • Intense and blurred outline. Today there are many tools to achieve this, in the 90s it was done with your fingers.
  • The clean face, but the powerful lips and in earthy colors like coffee.
  • Layered hair like the “wolf cut” that we have seen on celebrities Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus.

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