Bebe Rexha Confirms Her Breakup With Kian Saifari After Controversial Report

For several days now, all the media and social networks have been pointing to the famous American singer. Baby Rexsince in the middle of one of her shows she made a sad announcement about her relationship, an aspect that would have surprised everyone who attended her concert, since they did not believe that she was making this confession at that moment.

Last Friday, July 28, Bebe Rexha performed at an impressive concert in St. Londonwhere before interpreting his song “atmosphere“according to the media AND!The singer asked the public to help her. “I’m trying to get over a breakup, so help me get a little emotional.“,”I can’t blame myself for not keeping your promise, and I can’t blame you for wanting to leave.”, said the American on stage.

Later at the same concert, the singer was seen crying due to a show of love and support from a fan because he showed her a sign saying that she enoughdue to the fact that Bebe Rexha had a hard time due to a recent breakup with an ex-partner Kiyan Saifari

that while it is not known exactly what could have caused the rupture, everything seems to indicate that it was due to the ambiguous message of the ex-partner of the singer about her current weight.

Upon hearing this news, the media page six He contacted the singer solely to find out what happened to their relationship; However, she ignored the attempts made in this way, a few weeks later, Bebe Rexha herself published on her networks an alleged text message from her former partner, which spoke of her being overweight.

In said message safari He states that he does not agree with the pounds that Bebe Rexha gained and also noted that this has caused him a lot of anger and anxiety since the singer “turned it into unbearable uncertainty“. However, although in numerous interviews the American said that her weight gain was due to polycystic ovary syndromeIt seems that this was not enough for her former partner, who was disappointed with her.

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