Beetlejuice 2: Cinematographer Reveals Some Details About Tim Burton’s Sequel

Beetlejuice 2 will focus on the complexities of family relationships in the midst of a completely crazy and unpredictable world.

Fans of Fantastic and Tim Burton have plenty to celebrate, as Warner Bros confirmed last year that it’s evolving. beetle juice 2, sequel to the great 1988 cult classic. And that’s not all: the new part will feature two original stars: Winona Ryder And Michael Keatonwho will reprise their iconic roles Lydia Dietz And beetle juice, respectively. Jenna Ortega herself will play Lydia’s daughter.

Below we provide you with more information about Beetlejuice 2Well, recently the director of photography Haris Zambarloukos gave some details about the direction in which the sequel to one of Tim Burton’s great productions will develop.

Speaking to The Wrap, Zambarloukos revealed that Beetlejuice 2 will focus on the complexities of family relationships in the midst of a completely insane and unpredictable world.

“In fact, Beetlejuice (2) This is a story about a family. And now 30 years have passed, and it remains to be seen what difficulties and human condition are necessary to keep a family alive throughout this time in the craziest world possible.

The cinematographer was enthusiastic about the project as it is focused on “human connection”, a topic that he considers always relevant. He also emphasized the importance of production design, which Tim Burton places great emphasis on.

Impeccable staging at the level of the best Burton.

To ensure that the best Tim Burton films are staged, the production Beetlejuice 2 has a job Neil Scanlanrenowned makeup and special effects artist, known for his work on the sequel trilogy star Wars.

Haris Zambarloukos even compared the design he does for Beetlejuice 2 to a film he recently starred in: Hunting in Venice, in which he built a miniature house and a large-scale palace to achieve special angles. We can already expect that Beetlejuice 2 will give us an extraordinary visual experience.

For his part, the first actor Michael Keaton In a recent interview, he noted that the film will be a lot of fun and leave all the fans very satisfied. “beetle juice it’s the most fun thing you can get out of a workout,” Keaton told the Empire on Saturday. “It’s a lot of fun, it’s great. And do you know what it is? We do it exactly the same as we did in the first movie. In the big waiting room of the afterlife, there is a woman literally holding a fishing line – I want people to know because I love it – pulling the cat’s tail to make it move.”

For now, production on the film is on hold indefinitely due to the current cast and writers’ strike, but everything seems to indicate that the release date is staying the same. September 6, 2024

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