Bella Hadid splits from Marc Kalman after two years of relationship

Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman split after two years of relationship.

Obviously, July is the month of partings; first Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello, then Ariana Grande And dalton gomezand now it’s your turn Bella Hadid And Mark Kollman. The model and designer ended their relationship two years later.

According to the media ETthey called off their engagement a few months ago, in the spring, but decided to keep it a strict secret, since Bella Hadid She is on four months of sick leave to treat Lyme disease and they didn’t want her to have any more stress.

“They were very much in love, but the relationship eventually ran out of steam and they decided to break up,” a source close to the same source said. “Nine months ago, Bella decided she wanted to stop drinking and quit. She has been sober for nine months and has never had a problem with alcohol or drugs. Bella is not in rehab,” they added.

The couple have made the decision to keep their breakup a secret so that it doesn’t affect the recovery of Bella Hadid, who is on sick leave to treat Lyme.

In addition, they noted that the sister Gigi Hadid He is doing well and is “treated daily for Lyme disease, a tick-borne bacterial infection.”

Bella Hadid And Mark Kalman They met in 2020 while working in New York, from that moment they began dating and in January 2021 confirmed their relationship on social networks. The designer was the first to share a series of shots with her.

“He was the author of many fashion projects, and their paths crossed several times,” the source said. MY! Newsand assured that their relationship was serious, even Cute he gave it to his mother Yolanda and sister, who “approved and loved him”.

After an interview with Interview, Cute said she felt “very comfortable and very safe with Mark” and referred to him as her “emotional support rabbit”. He also highlighted his work as a photographer, saying that “he has incredible talent in everything he does.”

The 26-year-old model admitted that the reason she has reduced her social media presence a bit is because her illness attacks her entire body and she doesn’t like to look in the mirror as it directly affects her self-confidence. . and self-esteem.

“This means that Lyme attacks the places that suffer, that is, the teeth, jaw, brain, spine, bones, etc. Yes, and the entire nervous system,” he explained.

Bella Hadid has admitted that her illness affects her entire body, making it difficult for her to recover and makes her hate looking in the mirror. (PHOTO: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann)

“When I work hard, I get stressed…my skin changes color, I get occasional breakouts, I have (what you see) injuries, lethargy, chronic anxiety, zero motivation or purpose, leaky gut, adrenal glands, depression (. ..) That’s why I hate looking in the mirror or taking pictures of myself., especially lately, I really want to vomit at the sight of myself. Years and years of it. I fixate, I try, but it’s difficult to be a professional model and at the same time see yourself like that, ”he commented.

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