Bella Poarch and reveals sensitive family past after winning at the Kids’ Choice Awards

The weekend was celebrated in the United States the Award ceremony which recognizes the best of entertainment culture, social networks, film and television Kids’ Choice Awards 2023. The ceremony organized by the Nickelodeon television channel was hosted by the tiktoker Charli D’Amelio and the presenter Nate Burleson .

The ceremony, which had the singer Bebe Rexha as one of the protagonists of the musical performances, awarded 31 categories, among which the Filipino tiktoker and singer Bella Poarch was the winner.

Excited by this distinction in the field of ‘Favorite social music star‘, Bella Poarch wanted to share her feelings through her Instagram wall where she wrote a sensitive and involving message where she candid and talks about what it was like growing up in the Philippines without a family and that thanks to social networks he found a place.


Growing up in the Philippines I never had a family. But after being able to grow with all of you these last few years, and with all this love, you make me feel that I finally found what I had always been looking for, “began his thank you message.

Subsequently, the tiktoker and ex-marine based in the United States thanked her followers for whom she considers her true family and who she believes gave her her first prize in her young career in music.


This (award) is for all of you, my true family. Thank you for giving me my first award in music,” Bella Poarch confessed.

This way is certainly like the tiktoker and singer Filipina can begin to proudly boast of the great reach that her debut has had in music, but she has also shown a little-known part about her past, which she has also gradually revealed through her lyrics.

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