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Without Kylian Mbappe, but with brand new Santiago Bernabeu and full to the brim. So Real Madrid started their journey at home this season with a stadium that already lacks some details to become the new Santiago Bernabéu stadium, which promises to be one of the most important in Spanish football. At the same time, and with some three wins in three away matcheswhich put White in first place in the EA Sports League.

Before him stood Getafe whose results in the early days of the League were extremely uneven: victory, draw and defeat. However, those of Jose Bordalas they are far from being an easy team for the greats. Something that Barcelona can attest to as perfection, and they arrived with the intent of ruining the premiere of the New Santiago Bernabéu for whites, trying to erase something from the white feud.

First half with more controversy than football

The game started as expected with real Madrid out of the game from the first minute, creating a very strong pressure on the opposite field, which made it difficult for Bordalas’ men to get the ball out, who, for their part, tried to allow the first moments of the surge at the Santiago Bernabéu to pass. And the first to put the respectable on his feet, as expected, was Jude Bellingham in a state of finesse who, after turning, launched the center that was about to finish off Fran Garcia.

In the following minutes, the azulon team managed to stop the onslaught of the white team until they managed to completely stop the white team’s attacks. It so happened that in an isolated game, due to a serious mistake by Fran Garcia when passing back to David praises who was out of position, was left completely alone in front of Kepa Borja Mayoral who had enough to get around the newcomer in the gates of white to put Getafe ahead.

Photo: @GetafeFC.

The goal that opened up a new panorama in the match, when the Getafe team was in no hurry to resume the game at every break, which gradually turned on the respectable Real Madrid player. Despite the fact that there were eleven players on the field, they easily tried to break the protective web Designed by José Bordalas. But little by little, the tough play of the Azulons and some decision by Melero López eventually included the white players as well.

However, the White players did not give up, and White’s push after another magnificent Bellingham maneuver inside the box ended with the English player being knocked down inside the box. The destruction that it seemed so clear that Melero López did not hesitate for a second to award a penalty. However, after notifying Martínez Mununera and the subsequent VAR review, he decided to cancel the maximum penalty, further adding to the white team’s anger.

A situation that sometimes resulted in Real Madrid being eliminated from the game. But headbutt Luka Modric in the center, Fran Garcia forced David Soria to intervene, who was very close to putting the table on the scoreboard. However, this time he failed to cancel out the attacking football of the white team in the blue zone, as those Carlo Anchelotti They never managed to find the shortest path to the gate of David Soria.

And when Joselu He had the Ballon d’Or and scored his first goal in a white shirt. It was David Soria who dressed as Santo to avoid a draw, with a wall under the counters that left the Bernabéu audience speechless. Even four minutes of extension was not enough for the white team to once again, with greater clarity, approach the gates of Soria. And while the first part, marked football controversy.

Real Madrid try to score three points in the second half

The second half began with two substitutions for Real Madrid: Kroos and Nacho. And apparently, they had an immediate effect, since not even a minute had passed since the restart, and after the second corner game, now yes, Joselu manages to beat David Soriaputting a draw on the scoreboard. A goal that was not without uncertainty as Melero López waited over three minutes for VAR, although the goal was eventually scored electronically.

The goal, however, did not change the dynamics of the game much: Getafe, who continued to defend against white dominance, clearly outnumbered them in the early stages of the second half. In fact, just five minutes after the first goal, he was about to score Kroos will give Real Madrid the lead kick from the left foot hit the goal post, which was defended by David Soria. And in the refusal that fell on Kroos himself, this time the goalkeeper of Azulon again drew another wonderful hand.

Photo: @realmadrid.

Now yes, and unlike the first part, Getafe suffered, and the field seemed to lean towards the bluish gate. However, defensive confusion was going to cost Madrid dearly. However, Mayoral’s right hand now met with good intervention from Kepa. At the end of playing time, Merengue’s dominance was still evident, and despite a succession of chances, after Kroos, none of them bothered Soria.

This continued until the choral play, in which Madrid was again about to surprise. After a long drive through Kroos, Chuameni leaked a great ball carvajal, and when it looked like the young player was about to cross, he landed a shot that again hit the post defended by Soria. Right after and after the second corner game, Joselu was about to score his first goalthis time from a longer distance shot, and again proved to be a saving shot from the blue goalkeeper.

Despite the dominance, the minutes went by, and tables continued to reign on the scoreboard. AND constant waste of time De Soria, the savior of Getafe in the second half, the referee showed him a yellow card. Minutes passed, and despite his failure to destroy Bordalas’ defenses, influence in the three-quarter zone It grew, and Getafe, supported by the outstanding David Soria, still kept a draw on the scoreboard.

Both trainers shook the tree for different purposes: while Bordalas was looking for fresh legs to continue working, Ancelotti was looking for increased offensive presence through lane 8. As soon as you enter Valverde, He made a back pass that did not find the attacker, and walked down the court of the Azulon team in tears. However, the minutes went by, and the white team failed to convert a chance that could have broken the tie.

And it seemed like every second was erased from the clock real gold for Getafe, who raced the last ten minutes of the match in search of keeping a draw on the scoreboard. Also, over time, the legs of the white players seemed to weigh more and more. But discount 9 minutes It was the last goal for Madrid to continue their winning streak. However, in the new approach, Kroos found himself again thanks to the intervention of the successful Soria.

However, in the end, the jar hits the fountain so hard that it breaks. And Madrid’s efforts have paid off. After a long shot from Lucas VasquezSoria failed for the first time in the afternoon. And it was nothing but again Jude Bellingham the one in charge of taking advantage of the rebound and sending it to the back of the net, against the Bernabéu, who despite knowing him for only 90 minutes, you are completely at your feet.

But not everything ended there, but at the last minute Rodrigo there was a goal in his boots that sealed White’s victory, but the ball hit the crossbar again, for the third time in the second half. For all this, they gave a discount of 9, enough time for Madrid to change the score for the new Bernabéu to debut with three points, and for the white fans to finally meet their new idol: Jude Bellingham.

Data sheet
real Madrid: Kepa; Carvajal (Lucas Vasquez, 80 minutes), Rudiger, Alaba, Fran Garcia (Nacho, 45 minutes); Chuameni (Valverde 82′), Camavinga (Kroos 45′), Modric (Bragim 80′), Bellingham; Rodrigo and Joselu.
GetafeStory by: David Soria; Damian (Lozano, 94′), Alderete (Arambarri, 45′), Mitrovic, Duarte, Gaston; Dzhene, Maksimovic, Alena (Iglesias, 58′); Mayoral (Carmona, 80 minutes) and Latasa (Mata, 80 minutes).
goals: Borja Mayoral (14 minutes), Joselu (46 minutes), Bellingham (93 minutes).
Judge: Mario Melero López, Andalusian Arbitration Committee. In VAR Juan Martinez Munuera.
incidents: Match corresponding to Day 4 of the EA Sports League at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. (16:15).

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